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Marketing for Photographers Outline

Marketing for Photographers

Unit 1: The Opportunity—What Is Marketing?

  • Lessons:
    • A Brief Introduction to Marketing
    • Basic Business Considerations
    • Forming a Business Plan and Marketing Yourself
    • Website Basics
  • NYIP Flash Drive Storage Book
  • Unit 1 Marketing Project

Unit 2: Taking Stock—Of Yourself

  • Lessons:
    • What Is Your Brand?
    • Your Portfolio
    • Sales Channels and Marketing Methods
    • Marketing Budgets and Boundaries
  • Unit 2 Marketing Project

Unit 3: Sizing Up the Market—Your Market

  • Lessons:
    • Market Research
    • Building Up Marketing Methods
    • Develop a Concrete Marketing Plan
    • Basic Sales Techniques
  • Reference Book:
    • Business and Legal Forms for Photographers, Fourth Edition
  • Unit 3 Marketing Project

Unit 4: Upping the Ante—Improving All Aspects of Your Marketing

  • Lessons:
    • Online Marketing and SEO
    • Link Building Strategies and SEM
    • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Platforms
  • Unit 4 Marketing Project

Unit 5: Looking to the Future

  • Lessons:
    • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • Content Marketing Platforms
    • Finding Your Niche and Attracting an Audience
  • Reference Books:
    • ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography, Seventh Edition
    • The Law (in Plain English) for Photographers, Third Edition
  • Unit 5 Marketing Project

My training at NYIP gave me the confidence to start my own business doing what I love.

- Angel D., Missouri, 2014 NYIP Graduate