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Photoshop for Photographers Outline

NYIP Digital Photography Courses- Photoshop Courses

Unit One: Digital Fundamentals

  • Interactive Lessons:
    • The Eye of the Digital Photographer
    • Choosing a Digital Camera
    • Using a Digital Camera
    • Digital Image Capture
    • Digital Imaging Systems
  • Unit One Digital Photo Project

Unit Two: Photography Principles

  • Interactive Lessons:
    • Developing Your Eye
    • Color
    • Lighting
    • Choosing a Scanner
    • Using a Scanner
  • Unit Two Digital Photo Project

Unit Three: Post Capture

  • Interactive Lessons:
    • From Image Capture to Image Editing
    • Photoshop Installation
    • Photoshop Software Interface
    • Importing
  • Unit Three Digital Photo Project

Unit Four: Image Enhancement

  • Interactive Lessons:
    • Organizing
    • Camera RAW
    • Layers
    • Adjustment Layers
    • Advanced Editing
  • Unit Four Digital Photo Project

Unit Five: Final Touches

  • Interactive Lessons:
    • Sharpening
    • Black-and-White Techniques
    • Retouching and Restoration Techniques
    • Advanced Tools and Projects
  • Unit Five Digital Photo Project

Unit Six: Output

  • Interactive Lessons:
    • Output Basics
    • Printing
    • Exporting for the Web
    • Presentation
    • Portfolio Development
  • Unit Six Digital Photo Project

My training at NYIP gave me the confidence to start my own business doing what I love.

- Angel D., Missouri, 2014 NYIP Graduate