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Travel Photography Course

Travel Photography © Art Wolfe

Travel Photography Course Overview

Travel photography training for intermediate and advanced photographers or frequent travelers who want to document their expeditions.

  • Master all the different kinds of travel photography, from landscapes and wildlife to architecture and portraits
  • Learn how to pack appropriately for any trip as you develop an understanding for specialized equipment and gear used in travel photography
  • Develop your style and learn how to stand out with unique photos of places that have been shot thousands of times before
  • Learn the business skills it takes to go pro as you develop a portfolio of your work
  • Get instant feedback and advice on your progress as a professional travel photographer guides you through every lesson

Travel Photography Course Details

  • Total Course Length = 150 hours, 4 Units
  • Course Schedule = Study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. There are no deadlines or due dates. Start today and we’ll give you up to 18 months to complete your course. If after 18 months you need additional time you can contact the school and we can extend your enrollment an additional 6 months at no additional cost.
  • NYIP Mentor Program = NYIP pairs you with a professional photographer for technical support and artistic development throughout your studies with us. He or she is your mentor, there to help make you better.
  • Photography Student Forum = Access an online forum of students and graduates and share photos, advice, and anything else that’s on your mind.
  • NYIP Graduation Certificate in Travel Photography = yours upon graduation!

Who Enrolls in this Course?

  • Photographers who want to add travel photography to their skillset
  • Beginners who want to learn how to take better travel photographs
  • Anyone wanting to become a professional travel photographer
  • Frequent travelers who want to better document their expeditions

My training at NYIP gave me the confidence to start my own business doing what I love.

- Angel D., Missouri, 2014 NYIP Graduate