Wedding Photography Course Outline

Wedding Photography Course Outline

  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
  • Unit 3
  • Unit 4

Unit 1 Getting to Know Wedding Photography

  • Lesson 1.1 Basics of Photography

    In Lesson 1.1: Basics of Photography, we begin by introducing you to the wedding vendors, photographers, videographers and industry experts who have helped NYIP put this Course together. From there, we'll begin to review the basic compositional techniques it takes to make any great photograph.

  • Lesson 1.2 Building Your Wedding Portfolio

    In Lesson 1.2: Building Your Wedding Portfolio, we will help you look at the steps you can take to turn your passion for this specialty area into a business or to channel your passion into taking better wedding photos for yourself, your family and your friends.

  • Lesson 1.3 The Wedding Team

    In Lesson 1.3: The Wedding Team, we remember the professional importance of being an easygoing and flexible team member. In preparing you for this, we'll start with a review of the parts that make the well-oiled wedding machine run smoothly. We'll begin with the wedding and event planners.

  • Lesson 1.4 Wedding Trends

    In Lesson 1.4: Wedding Trends, we're going to examine some of the trends in the business. From stylistic changes to routine business dynamics of the industry, this lesson will help familiarize you with the massive wedding industry, ensuring that you'll fit right in when you one day join the field.

Unit 2 Wedding Photography Fundamentals

  • Lesson 2.1 Following the Light

    In Lesson 2.1: Following the Light, we'll help make sure that you'll have the ability to capture the perfect wedding day shot regardless of what the given lighting is like at a certain location, any time of day or year.

  • Lesson 2.2 Day-Of Wedding Photography

    In Lesson 2.2: Day-Of Wedding Photography, we'll start by unwrapping renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghoinis's 5 steps to create the perfect wedding image. From posing to location, we'll then dive deeper into these 5 elements, helping you master each skill along the way.

  • Lesson 2.3 Posing Essentials

    In Lesson 2.3: Posing Essentials, we'll talk about all about the basics of posing and making sure everyone looks their best. From learning to flatter all figures in a composition to accommodating the potentially stressed-out mood of the bridal party, this lesson will ensure that you can help everyone look their best on the big day, no matter what.

  • Lesson 2.4 Ethnic and Culturally Diverse Weddings

    In Lesson 2.4: Ethnic and Culturally Diverse Weddings, we'll explore the many wedding rituals specific to a multitude of different cultures. By gaining more insight into the traditions of different families, you'll be well-equipped to capture special moments accordingly.

  • Lesson 2.5 Gear

    In Lesson 2.5: Gear, we'll talk to some experts of the industry about their gear preferences as we help you develop a better idea of what you'd be most comfortable shooting with. From camera basics to specialized lenses, this lesson will help you explore the tools needed to capture the most meaningful shots.

Unit 3 Advanced Wedding Photography Techniques

  • Lesson 3.1 Getting Ready Photography

    In Lesson 3.1: Getting Ready Photography, we'll take you through the entire wedding, sequence by sequence. By understanding the typical trajectory of the wedding day overall, you'll be more prepared to capture moments when you know what to expect and when to likely expect it throughout the day.

  • Lesson 3.2 First Look Photography and Family Formals

    In Lesson 3.2: First Look Photography and Family Formals, we prepare you to capture the best shots of when the bride and groom first see each other dressed and ready on the big day. From scheduled shots to the more spontaneous, we'll prepare you to work with any couple's situation to catch the best, most meaningful moments.

  • Lesson 3.3 Photographing the Ceremony

    In Lesson 3.3: Photographing the Ceremony, we'll walk through a typical time schedule trajectory of the wedding day and ceremony. Although some ceremonies are only a few moments long and others take hours, this sequence will help you learn to schedule your time and workflow accordingly.

  • Lesson 3.4 Photographing the Reception

    In Lesson 3.4: Photographing the Reception, we're going to break shooting the Reception up into segments: room details, cocktail hour, the First Dance, the meal and the dance floor, to ensuring that you're comfortable and prepared to capture the best action after the ceremony.

  • Lesson 3.5 Videography

    In Lesson 3.5: Videography, we will give you an introduction to video cameras and other equipment and basic techniques, and as we let you view some professional wedding videos and observe best practices in action.

Unit 4 Professional Pathways

  • Lesson 4.1 Going Pro

    In Lesson 4.1: Going Pro, we'll talk about the right way to take the skills you've learned throughout this course and launch a legitimate, functioning business in the real world. From developing a business plan to Incorporating your business, this lesson will give you the information needed to effectively get your first business up and running.

  • Lesson 4.2 What's My Brand

    In Lesson 4.2: What's My Brand, we're going to explore how vital good branding will be to your success in professional photography. Starting with an understanding of wedding photographer profiles and personality types, we'll help you determine what story you'd like to tell clients about yourself and your work.

  • Lesson 4.3 Marketing

    In Lesson 4.3: Marketing, we'll dive into everything from emails, wedding albums, business cards, stationery, your email signature, networking, updating your blog and social media profiles, and how all of these things promote your business or don't.

  • Lesson 4.4 Packages, Prices and Storytelling

    In Lesson 4.4: Packages, Prices and Storytelling, we'll help you develop a finalized workflow for delivering finished wedding packages to your clients. From file editing, backing up and image manipulation to delivery of proofs, this learning sequence will help you establish a seamless, timely workflow of delivering a finished product to the couple.