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What Does It Mean for a Photography School to Be Accredited?

By Michelle Ecker on April 24, 2020

 What Does It Mean for a Photography School to Be Accredited?

Today, many students don’t have the time or financial ability to enroll in a traditional brick and mortar photography program. Students are opting more and more for online, self-paced programs that allow them to pay smaller amounts in monthly installments, while logging in and working around their own schedules.

If you’re interested in studying photography online, it’s important to take steps to ensure you're enrolling a legitimate program that can help you reach your goals.

While it’s not for everyone, online education has come a very long way- and if you opt for a school that has been officially accredited, you can rest assured that you’re enrolled in a program that meets national standards meant to ensure you’re getting a quality education.

What is Accreditation?

Put simply, accreditation is a process that colleges, universities, and other educational institutions go through in order to be properly evaluated. A peer-review board, usually made up of esteemed faculty from various accredited universities, sets standards that must be met in order to pass this evaluation process and earn the accreditation credential. This board typically reviews the school, the course curriculum, and the school’s mentors and staff members in determining if it’s qualified and deserving of this accreditation status.

What Qualities are Evaluated By Accreditors?

In order for a photography school or any other educational institution to achieve their accreditation, they must meet a number of general standards that have been set by the peer-review accreditation board. Each school is typically reviewed and assessed using standard criteria, such as questions like:

  • What is the overall mission of this school?
  • What type of objectives and goals does this school set for itself and its students?
  • What type of things are required for admissions?
  • What services and support does this school provide to students?
  • How high quality is this school’s education and curriculum?
  • What is the reputation of the faculty employed by this school?

Why is Accreditation Important?

The legitimacy of accredited schools not only ensures you receive a quality education, but that the certificate or diploma you receive is respected in the industry, and by potential employers.

Accreditation is a really important factor when it comes to determining how reputable your school is. If you want a more formal, serious photography education, you should ensure the program you pick is offered by a school that has been accredited by a national accrediting body.

Is NYIP an Accredited Photography School?

If you are an NYIP student, you are attending an accredited photography school. NYIP is actually one of the only accredited photography schools in the United States. We are proud to be both accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and licensed by the New York State Education Department.

If you are interested in taking photography courses with NYIP but haven’t yet enrolled, be sure to click here to learn more about your options and how to get started.