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Building Relationships in the Wedding Industry

By Stephanie Williams on June 12, 2017

Building Relationships in the Wedding Industry

In part one of this series, we talked about one great way to build your wedding photography portfolio- by collaborating on test shoots with other vendors. Florists, invitation designers and bakeries are always in need of beautiful promotional images, especially if they are also just starting out in the industry. Partnering with them to shoot their products for trade is a really great way to practice shooting perfect detail images while creating beautifully styled content for your portfolio- everybody wins!

Today, we’re going to talk about managing those professional relationships the tact of a businessperson. If you want to learn all the fundamental skills of wedding photography from an accredited institution, NYIP's online wedding photography course is the perfect option. From marketing your website to managing relationships like these, we'll give you the education you'll need to launch a successful career."

Building Relationships

Connecting with other vendors in the wedding industry can not only boost your portfolio, but it can also help get you additional work. Networking is extremely beneficial in this industry, as many jobs come from word of mouth connections.

Finding vendors in your area will also eventually put you on their list of “go to” photographers when clients ask for referrals or when other opportunities arise. If you are outgoing and personable, consider having some cards made and attending bridal expos. Connecting with vendors in person will always get you much farther than just sending them an email.

Wedding photography workshops will also provide an opportunity to create styled images for your portfolio, but bear in mind that you will be shooting with quite a few other aspiring photographers, so their portfolios will all initially have the exact same styled images in them. Workshops are a great way to learn from other talented photographers, but doing test shoots with vendors and couples that you know is an even better way to build a unique portfolio that really teaches you how to make it all happen on your own.