NYIP Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and the information that you share with us. Described below is our policy on the collection, use, disclosure, maintenance, and protection of personal information that you provide to us through this website.

Email Policy

We have established an Email Policy with respect to email messages containing our content and submitted by third parties on its behalf to email recipients. Please click here to view Email Policy.

NYIP Email Policy

NYIP has established this Policy with respect to email messages containing NYIP content and submitted by third parties on its behalf to email recipients.

Definition of General Terms Used

Definition Of Legitimate Mass Commercial Email

"Legitimate Mass Commercial Emails"? or "opt-in emailings"?, are emails sent by the initiator to more than 250 recipients that have provided affirmative consent to receive emails from the list owner. All email messages sent to opt-in recipients must be limited to content that reasonably should be expected by the recipient, based on language supplied by the list owner at the time affirmative consent was received. All opt-in emailings must also clearly indicate the name and website of the list owner. Under this policy, opt-in emailings that meet this criteria are not considered uce.

Definition Of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE)

"UCE"? is unsolicited bulk email that includes advertisements or solicitations, commercial or otherwise, regardless of content. NYIP prohibits the practice of mass emailing unwanted solicitations (uce) of any type, regardless of content. Without exception, uce is prohibited under this policy and will be considered a material breach of this policy. For purposes of this policy, the act of a list owner or initiator emailing to an email list that was not organically gathered is considered uce, unless the list owner has direct knowledge and proof that the list recipients provided affirmative consent to receive marketing messages from a third party.

Definition Of Opt-Out And Opt-Out Requirements

"opt-out" is defined as the process recipients use to remove themselves from an email list. At all times, the list owner and/or initiator shall ensure that all email messages and initiator procedures comply with all state and federal laws, including, without limitation, the can-spam act, interstate communication requirements and all other applicable laws, as well as comply with the requirements of this policy. All opt out requests must follow a defined process for acceptance and to ensure all requests are handled properly. This process shall include, without limitation, the following steps:

Legitimate Commercial Email Requirements

Information Required In Response To Complaints

In the event of a complaint from a recipient, the list owner and/or initiator shall immediately provide NYIP with access to all reasonable information, upon request, within 24 hours, in order to facilitate NYIP's response to such complaints. The following information must be collected and stored by the initiator, and made available upon request to NYIP:

Right To Amend Policy

By using the NYIP website, you consent to the practices described in this policy. NYIP reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without notice to you. You should review this policy from time to time for any such changes. NYIP further reserves the right to restrict your access to the NYIP website until you accept any amended policy.

Collection of Information

The information that we collect from you through this website will vary depending upon how you use the website and what information you choose to provide to us. If you contact us via e-mail or submit an online request for information, we will collect the information that you provide to us in your e-mail message or request, including your name, contact information, email address and any questions or comments that you may submit.

We may use cookies or scripts to collect any of the information described above. You may adjust your Internet browser to disable the use of cookies and scripts; however, some functionalities of this website may not be available without the use of cookies and scripts.

We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our behalf. These companies may employ cookies and action tags (also known as single pixel gifs or web beacons) to measure advertising effectiveness. Any information that these third parties collect via cookies and action tags is completely anonymous. If you would like more information about this practice and your choices, click here.

Use of Information

If you send us any questions or comments by e-mail, we will use your e-mail address to respond to your questions or comments. If you submit an online request for information, we will use your name and contact information to process your request.

Access To Your Information

Maintaining information that is current, accurate, and complete allows us to make our website more useful and to provide our students with better service. To that end, we encourage you to update your information from time to time. To review the information that we have concerning you and your use of this website, please contact us at the address set forth above.


We use industry standard security measures to protect any personal information that you may provide to us. However, we cannot guarantee that your submissions to our website, any content residing on our servers, or any transmissions from our server will be completely secure.The Student Online Help Line and the online exams can only be accessed with a valid student number. You are responsible for keeping your student number secret and confidential, and for notifying us if you believe that your student number has been stolen or might otherwise be misused.