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Complete Course in Professional Photography Outline

When I started I did not realize I would get so much hands on knowledge about photography. NYIP trained my eyes to see lights. Now people are appreciating my photographs. A foreign bank published my photo in their calendar on the November 2013 page.

Rafique W., New York, 2013 NYIP Graduate

The best part of the course were the personal evaluations for the photo submissions. My teacher has a wonderful way of always making you feel positive about your progress even when you have a long ways to go! She has a way of making you want to achieve better results with each assignment. No matter if a photo was off the mark she found something positive to say about it and that made it always motivated me to work harder.

Jennifer G., Canada, 2013 NYIP Graduate

Ever since I started with the course my photos improved and I could say that because I get pleasing comments from friends and families who see my pictures. I love the fact that I could turn my photos into fine works of art and learn the technical aspects of photography. Thank you so much NYIP!

Hannah P., Oregon, 2013 NYIP Graduate

Course Outline

Unit One:

  • Lessons: 1-Eye of the Photographer, 2-The Camera, 3-The Lens, 4-How to Use Your Camera
  • Essential Business Skills Lesson One: Freelance Opportunities
  • Videos: "Live Action Video" for Unit One
  • Audio: "Teacher on Audio" Guides to Unit One Lessons
  • Additional materials: NYIP Photo Log, NYIP Gray Card, Photo Project One

Unit Two:

  • Lessons: 1-Image Capture, 2-Exposure, 3-Processing Black & White Film, 4-Digital Processing, 5-Filters, 6-Developing Your Eye
  • Essential Business Skills Lesson Two: Introduction to the Business of Photography
  • Videos: "Live Action Video" for Unit Two
  • Audio: "Teacher on Audio" Guides to Unit Two Lessons
  • Additional materials: NYIP PhotoWorld Courtesy Press Card, Photo Project Two

Unit Three:

  • Lessons: 1-Natural Light and Available Light, 2-Artificial Light, 3-Electronic Flash & Strobe, 4-Travel Photography, 5-Nature and Landscape Photography, 6-The Perfect Print
  • Essential Business Skills Lesson Three: Clarity is Your Only Style
  • Videos: "Live Action Video" for Unit Three
  • Audio: "Teacher on Audio" Guides to Unit Three Lessons
  • Additional Materials: Optional Lesson 1-The Traditional Darkroom, Photo Project Three

Unit Four:

  • Lessons: 1-Basic Portrait Lighting, 2-Studio Portraiture, 3-Location Portraiture, 4-Child and Pet Photography, 5-Wedding Photography
  • Essential Business Skills Lesson Four: Business of Wedding Photography
  • Videos: "Live Action Video" for Unit Four
  • Audio: "Teacher on Audio" Guides to Unit Four Lessons
  • Additional Materials: NYIP Photographic Umbrella, Optional Lesson 2) Color Film Processing, Photo Project Four

Unit Five:

  • Lessons: 1-Photojournalism 1, 2-Photojournalism 2, 3-Fashion Photography, 4-Finishing Touches and the Zone System, 5-Macro Photography, Astrophotography, and Copying
  • Essential Business Skills Lesson Five: Starting Your Own Business
  • Videos: "Live Action Video" for Unit Five
  • Audio: "Teacher on Audio" Guides to Unit Five Lessons
  • Additional Materials: Optional Lesson 3) Color Film Printing, Photo Project Five

Unit Six:

  • Lessons: 1-Glamour and Boudoir Photography, 2-Advertising and Still Life, 3-Architectural Photography, 4-Lesson: Video Handbook Part One, 5-Video Handbook Part Two
  • Essential Business Skills Lesson Six: How to Open Your Own Studio
  • Videos: "Live Action Video" for Unit Six
  • Audio: "Teacher on Audio" Guide to Unit Six Lessons (1)
  • Additional Materials: Optional Lesson 4-View Camera, Photo Project Six