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How Does NYIP Training Work?

  1. You enroll in the course of your choice.
  2. We will send you everything you need to complete the course, either online or through the mail.
  3. You study the lessons, audio, and video training provided with the course.
  4. You take photos for your photo projects and submit them online.
  5. Your teacher, a pro photographer, will review your photos and suggest ways to improve.
  6. You receive an email with the audio review from your teacher.
  7. You start the next unit of course materials.
  8. The process repeats until you get to the end of the course.
  9. You receive your NYIP Photography Certificate in the mail, perfect for your home, studio, or office.

And one of the things that makes learning photography with NYIP so great is that you have access to a team of student advisors any time you need them. They are all professional photographers that you can call or email for help, advice, or clarification of the course materials.

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