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The New York Institute of Photography is the world's top online photography school. We strive to serve photographers all over the world and we frequently produce free photography tips and photo tutorials. Below are our most recent photography articles and NYIP student success stories. Click browse more at the bottom to view more photography tips and articles.

Finding Your Photography Path in 2019 - A Thoughtful Guide

By Chris Corradino on December 6 2018.

We are in the midst of another massive shift in the photo industry with cameras becoming more affordable, and cutting edge features such as built-in Wifi, and clean ISOs…
How do Continuous Lights Work?

By: Michelle Ecker on November 1 2018.

As we all know, great lighting technique can make or break a photo. So as aspiring professionals, one of the best things you can do is learn as much as…
How to Go Mirrorless without Losing Your Mind or Wallet

By: Chris Corradino on October 4 2018.

Many of you have expressed interest in potentially switching to a mirrorless camera. Having been through that process myself, I know there is a lot to consider. To help with…
My Graveyard of Gear

By: Chris Corradino on October 1 2018.

Bruno Schreck was spot on when he said, “If you love photography enough, the equipment will come, the portfolio will result and if you enjoy the process, success will follow.…

Student Success Stories

Mooreyameen Mohamad

Student Success: Mooreyameen Mohamad

By Michelle Ecker on November 28 2018.

After taking pictures at a close friend’s wedding, Mooreyameen Mohamad realized how important…
Gabriel Olude

Student Success: Gabriel Olude

By Michelle Ecker on August 17 2017.

Gabriel Olude always wanted to use his graphic arts talent to transform ordinary photographs into pieces of art, but initially struggled to find photographers who…
Michael Neal

Student Success: Michael Neal

By Michelle Ecker on July 14 2017.

Years ago, Michael Neal spontaneously agreed to do a shoot for a Chicago-based band on an old D3000. Since then, he has expertly managed to…