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Indecently Long Lenses in the Hands of a Spy

By Chris Corradino on November 26th, 2012

At approximately 11am on Tuesday, I received a call at NYIP Headquarters that went something like this: "Would you like to be interviewed by Inside Edition and possibly use a…

Travel Photography Tips Part 2

By Chris Corradino on November 15th, 2012

Recently, NYIP Student Advisor Chris Corradino had the chance to lead a 2012 Autumn Arts Photo Workshop in Tuscany, Italy. In Part 1 of Travel Photography Tips from Abroad, Chris…

Christmas Wishlist for Photographers

By Chuck DeLaney on October 27th, 2012

Now that we're comfortably settled in the digital era, after talking with lots of students and fellow photographers, I've compiled a list of things that photographers might want to receive…

Picture of the Month Glamour

By NYIP Staff on October 16th, 2012

Photo by NYIP Student John Gonzalvez If you were to stroll past almost any news stand in New York, London, Paris, Milan, or points in between you would possibly be…

Travel Photography Tips Part 1

By Chris Corradino on October 15th, 2012

Traveling to a distant country is a lifelong dream for many photographers. With new sights to photograph, cities to explore, and customs to immerse yourself in, it's easy to get…

Picture of the Month English Perpendicular

By NYIP Staff on October 10th, 2012

Photo by NYIP Graduate Debbie Bellingham This month's Picture of the Month, made by NYIP Graduate Debbie Bellingham of Horomorice, Republic of Czechoslovakia, is a timely one as it coincides…

Picture of the Month Fishing Boat

By NYIP Staff on October 10th, 2012

Photo by NYIP Student Rich Lanning There are hundreds of ways of looking at images, all of them valid. Some ways are interesting to some viewers; other viewers may seem…

Digital Manipulation

By Richard Martin on October 9th, 2012

Editor's Note: No sooner did we release the article that yet another instance of photo touch-up was brought to the public spotlight. Self magazine recently featured pop sensation Kelly Clarkson…

Jim Edds New Hurricane Ebook

By on September 28th, 2012

Editor's Note: I’ve been following Jim’s career ever since the day, probably 10 or 12 years ago, when he came up and introduced himself to me when our paths crossed…

Tips for Digital Wedding Photography

By Sharon Gumerove on September 22nd, 2012

Why are we running separate Wedding Photography Tips for people using digital cameras? There are several reasons. First and foremost, NYI Webmaster Sharon Gumerove recently attended a big wedding, and…