NYIP Teachers and Mentors

Through NYIP’s combination of mentorship, course work, and assignments, you’ll develop the skills you need to take your photography to the next level—and beyond. Whether you’re interested in creating gorgeous landscapes, authentic portraits, cutting-edge wedding or event photographs, or add video making to your skillset, we have experts on staff waiting to guide you.

  • Lynsey Addario

    Lynsey Addario

    Lynsey Addario is an American photojournalist based in London, where she photographs for the New York Times, National Geographic and Time Magazine. She covers conflicts and shoots features across the world. In 2009, Lynsey was part of the New York Times team to win the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. In 2009, she was the recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship.

  • Frank Beacham

    Frank Beacham

    Frank is an NYC-based independent writer, director and producer who works in video, film, photography, radio, television, theater and web. A former staff reporter for United Press International, the Miami Herald, Gannett Newspapers and the Washington Post-Newsweek, Beacham’s articles and stories have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Village Voice.

  • Illise Benum

    Illise Benum

    Ilise Benun is a business expert for creative professionals. She is the author of 7 business books, a national speaker and the founder of Marketing-Mentor.com. During her 25+ years in business, she has coached thousands of creatives as well as developed and delivered business training tailored for HOW Design Live, CreativeLive and Freelancers Union, among others.

  • Britt Chudleigh

    Britt Chudleigh

    Following her studies in drawing and painting, Britt became strongly attracted to the storytelling and immediate qualities she found in photography. Film photography held her attention further as it enhanced the timelessness, purity, tangibility and aesthetics of photography. Britt travels the globe documenting weddings but always returns home to the Wasatch Mountains where she lives with her husband and two children.

  • Nadia Shira Cohen

    Nadia Shira Cohen

    Nadia Shira Cohen started working as a photographer in New York City, primarily as an independent photographer for the Associated Press. Nadia’s work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Harper’s, The New Yorker, New York Times, Marie Claire and National Geographic. She is the recipient of numerous awards and her work has been exhibited around the world.

  • Chris Corradino

    Chris Corradino

    A successful NYIP graduate with his own travel photography business, Chris Corradino is the lead student advisor and faculty director of NYIP. A licensed photography teacher, Chris provides instruction and guidance to students at all levels of experience. His images have been published in USA Today, National Geographic Online, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press.

  • George Delgado

    George Delgado

    George Delgado completed the NYIP Pro Course as he transitioned from life as a corporate executive to a successful professional photographer. His fashion photographs have appeared in Women’s Wear Daily and he has captured sporting events at New York’s Madison Square Garden. George also shoots pro bono portraits for The Heart Gallery, a non-profit organization with the mission of finding “forever families” for children in need of adoption.

  • Patrick Dinkfeld

    Patrick Dinkfeld

    Patrick Dinkfeld has been making art, music, films and graphic design since 1994, working on projects for clients such as Nestlé, Levi’s, Six Flags and many more. He worked in commercial video for strategic branding giant Siegel+Gale. There, his clients included American Express, Microsoft, Lexus, and Yahoo!, among others. Patrick has lectured at UCLA and CalArts and has taught video at CalArts since 1998.

  • Patrick Donehue

    Patrick Donehue

    A photo industry veteran, photographer, consultant and educator, Patrick Donehue is one of the most admired people in the photo industry today. Jonathan Klein, Cofounder and CEO of Getty Images put it best, “Patrick’s love of photography combined with his strong understanding of what is required to succeed in business has added considerable value to Getty Images and others for over 25 years.”

  • Chase Guttman

    Chase Guttman

    Chase Guttman is an award winning, internationally published and exhibited travel photographer whose adventures span more than 45 countries and all 50 U.S. states. Chase’s work, contributions and advice span numerous publications such as National Geographic publications, ESPN, Photo District News, New York Daily News, Fodor's Travel Publications, Light Stalking, Family Travel, Huffington Post, Newsday and USA Today.

  • Peter Guttman

    Peter Guttman

    Peter Guttman is a professional travel photographer and two-time recipient of the Gold Medal Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Journalist of the Year. He’s been published in numerous books and magazines including Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic Publications. He’s the author of five hardcover travel books. He’s traveled on assignment to all seven continents and 210 countries.

  • Walter Karling

    Walter Karling

    Walter Karling is a professional photographer who specializes in spot news, celebrity and PR images. Working as a stringer for Associated Press and UPI, his pictures appear regularly in the New York Daily News, the New York Post, the National Enquirer and the Star. Additionally, he has done PR assignments for firms such as Anheuser-Busch, the Italian Trade Commission and the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Deborah Matlack

    Deborah Matlack

    Deborah Matlack is a commercial photographer who photographs architectural interiors and exteriors as well as corporate and business events. In addition, she has had two one-person exhibits entitled “Waterways of Brooklyn” and “Infrastructure: Bridges of New York City,” and is currently a member of Brooklyn Streetcar Artists Group.

  • Philip Mauro

    Philip Mauro

    Brooklyn-based photographer Philip Mauro specializes in portraits for corporate, ad and editorial clients. His clients include Chanel, Apple, Carolina Herrera and the artist Damien Hirst, among others.

  • Nigel Merrick

    Nigel Merrick

    Nigel Merrick is a professional photographer, business coach, author and blogger who specializes in helping other professional photographers succeed in their businesses through the application of proven marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

  • Jason D. Moore

    Jason D. Moore

    Jason D. Moore is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Adobe Photoshop with over a decade of experience. Jason runs his own freelance training and graphic design business, serving clients from across the United States and around the world. He has been featured three times on the video podcast Photoshop User TV and has been mentioned in the articles of prominent members of the digital-imaging community.

  • Tim Pannell

    Tim Pannell

    Photographer Tim Pannell has enjoyed a non-stop career in advertising and stock photography. Tim contributes to curriculum by sharing his experience in sports, portrait and lifestyle shooting. Tim’s clients include Adidas, Aetna, AT&T, Citibank, Costco, Gatorade, Reebok, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Wells Fargo.

  • Maria Piscopo

    Maria Piscopo

    Maria Piscopo has taught marketing and business classes at numerous universities and has presented professional workshops and seminars for a wide-range of associations. Maria also writes articles and columns for an extensive list of industry publications. She is the author of The Graphic Designer’s and Illustrator’s Guide to Marketing and Promotion as well as The Photographer’s Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion.

  • Michael Prince

    Michael Prince

    Michael Prince is one of the most sought after commercial photographers working today. Michael’s clients include AT&T, Bank of America, Four Seasons Hotels, GE, General Motors, Google, Intel, John Hancock, Merck, Pfizer, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Toyota and Verizon among others. His unique portrait technique, honed over twenty years of shooting, provides stunning visual examples for NYIP students.

  • Reuben Radding

    Reuben Radding

    Reuben Radding is a photographer, musician and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Best known for his street photography in New York City as well as portraits and documentary essays, his work has appeared in the SF Bay Guardian, NPR.org, Gothamist and the Huffington Post, among other publications. His work has been shown in galleries in California, Calgary, Oregon and New York City.

  • Susan Robeson

    Susan Robeson

    Susan Robeson has worked as a filmmaker, cinematographer, television producer, photographer and editor since 1972. She is the co-founder of Third World Newsreel, a film and media arts center in New York City as well as Higher Ground Cinema, a small theatre for film exhibition. Her credits include the documentary film Teach Our Children and the Emmy award-winning television program Like It Is, the longest-running program of its kind on television.

  • Robyn Selman

    Robyn Selman

    Robyn Selman brings years of experience in commercial, stock and editorial photography to our staff. As director of photography at Corbis and current director of photography at Forbes Media, Robyn understands both the vital financial aspects of photography as a career or as a passion and the creative and technical challenges involved in the creation of highly successful images.

  • Franco Vogt

    Franco Vogt

    Franco is a successful portrait photographer. He has made images for countless clients around the world utilizing a very simple and sensitive approach. Franco has the ability to capture images that feel fresh and spontaneous. His work never feels forced or pretentious and the viewer will often feel as if they were right there next to the camera watching it happen.

  • Adam Waltner

    Adam Waltner

    Adam Waltner is a New York City based photographer and filmmaker. After going to school for writing he became obsessed with cinema, often watching several films a day. At the age of twenty-two he made his first feature and has remained a prolific filmmaker ever since. Usually dark in nature, his work explores the world through lavish cinematography and a calculating, sinister mind.

  • Lara White

    Lara White

    Lara White is a professional photographer specializing in wedding photography for the San Francisco bay area. Lara’s images have been featured in over 70 publications such as Professional Photographer and Rangefinder. Lara’s popular online educational resource PhotoMint empowers both emerging and established photographers by providing practical tips, innovative methods and the best approach to sales, marketing and business management for the professional photographer.

  • Elinor Stecker-Orel

    Elinor Stecker-Orel

    Elinor has written eight books on photography. Her photographs and articles about her have appeared in many publications, including such notable ones as Rangefinder, Time , and National Geographic Traveler. She has appeared as a guest authority on CNN, Fox, and local radio. Although she photographs a wide range of subjects, her passion is fine-art photography, both in-camera and in Photoshop.

  • Neville Elder

    Neville Elder

    Neville Elder is an award-winning British-born photographer based in New York. Neville began shooting for UK broadsheets and tabloids and the last 15 years in New York City, he's shot US stories for clients including The Times, The Independent Magazine, Stern, The Globe and Mail, Newsweek, Time, VSD.

  • Mark Drew

    Mark Drew

    Mark Drew is a noted New York based commercial and fine art photographer, who's belief is to create an impactful visual expression from a particular point of view. He notes that "A great photograph should never be just an "objective" point of view, it should be "subjective". And that decision as a photographer is yours, made in a fraction of a second".

  • Alina Oswald

    Alina Oswald

    Alina Oswald is a photographer and writer based in NYC area. Her latest book is Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography of Kurt Weston. Her photography has appeared in national and international publications, as well as in New York City art shows and galleries. She has worked with small businesses, covering portraits, editorials, ad campaigns, engagements and weddings.

  • Christopher Reid

    Christopher Reid

    Christopher Reid is a freelance photographer based in New York City. His experience includes shooting hundreds of weddings, portraits and headshots as well as producing commercial and editorial images for corporate displays and publication in internationally published books and magazines. His current pursuits include architectural and real estate photography.

  • Pauline St Denis

    Pauline St Denis

    As an award-winning New York based photographer, I strive to find the cinematic in my subjects, rejecting inert, sculptural photography for something more kinetic, alive, and ultimately, authentic. While I shoot primarily with Canon systems, I am fluent in a number of formats, from plastic to state of the art digital cameras.

  • Scott Roman

    Scott Roman

    Scott Roman is a NYC based freelance photographer specializing in editorial, social and sporting events. He has worked as a photojournalist and newspaper editor for more than 25 years for various Philadelphia region newspapers and magazines. Scott has been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association, Pennsylvania Newspaper Association as well as The Philadelphia Press Association.