Professional Photography Course


Professional Photography Course Overview

This online photography course is a comprehensive program that will teach you how to take control of your camera. You will learn the secrets of exposure, lighting and lenses. You’ll receive training on proper composition as you learn how professional photographers create the perfect shot in all conditions. The course offers an introduction to a wide variety of different photographic genres – weddings, nature, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life and more.

Throughout the course you will complete photo projects and submit them online to be reviewed and evaluated by a professional photographer. By the time you complete the program, you’ll have the confidence and skills to turn your love of photography into a full or part-time career.

NYIP Graduates are eligible to become certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Professional Photographers of America

How Our Online Photography Course Works

Course materials online

Access all your course materials online. The lessons are prepared by expert photographers and available anytime, anywhere.

Video Tutorials Professional Photographers

Video tutorials featuring professional photographers who demonstrate the skills you will learn in the course.

One-to-one support

One-to-one support from a professional photographer you can call or email anytime you have a question.

Submit Photo Projects

Complete and submit photo projects that will be evaluated by your mentor. Their advice is critical to your success.

Share your work

Share your work with others and meet aspiring photographers from all over the world in our student forum.

Learn to make money with your photography

Learn how to make money with your photography during our series of business skills lessons at the end of the course.

Earn your Certificate

Earn your NYIP Certificate in Professional Photography after you have completed all of your course work.

certification through the professional photographer of america

Go on to earn your photography certification through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Optional.

What's Included in Your Online Photography Course

Instant access to online course materials

One-to-one feedback on your photos

Video demonstrations by pro photographers

18 months to complete the course at your own pace

Exclusive discounts on cameras and related gear

Access to a worldwide community of aspiring photographers

Read the Video Transcript

NYIP's Complete Course in Professional Photography is the gold standard for enthusiasts who want formal training, or who'd like to turn pro. NYIP's state of the art online course platform is easy to navigate, filled with gorgeous photography and jam packed with video lessons by working photographers.

From the basics of equipment to capturing the image, you'll develop your photographic eye- exposure, composition, balance, learn the rules- then how to break them. NYIP will match you with a professional photographer mentor, who will work with you one on one throughout the course. Explore travel photography, portraiture and landscape. Your mentor will review your work and provide feedback. Learn how to shoot in natural and available light, how to use flash and strobes, master workflow and image editing. Pursue NYIP's online course on your own schedule, from wherever you go. With the help of student services, you'll navigate NYIP's accredited course and emerge with the skills and confidence to succeed as the kind of photographer you want to be. Get started today.

View Course Reviews
Valerie Attia
AMAZINGGGGG, So much knowledge its overwhelming....
Aaron Smith
Loved this class started taking pictures years ago and this course gave me a lot of new and good information about lenses and lighting.
James Means
Great Coursern
Alexander Azzi
It was an absolute pleasure to experience this course. The academic sections were extremely detailed and the photo assignments covered all the bases in many aspects of photography. I have been a professional for quite a few years now and I decided to take this course in order to have something through formal education to show beyond just my portfolio. I am proud to have a graduation certificate from NYIP.rnrnThe Unit 1-5 mentors/"graders" were extremely pleasant and super involved in their voice recordings (which all were 10 minutes or longer!) going over my photography submissions. I felt that they were in the same room with me talking causally and freely about my work which made me feel good and accomplished, as well as motivated to go on to the next assignment.rnrnSadly however, the last critique of Unit 6, which in all cases was the most important one, (the one that completes the course and graduates me from NYIP) was a complete downer. Scott Roman, a person I have never interacted with before, had no personality at all, gave only a 3 minute recording of which was very monotone and dry in its presentation. What ultimately took the wind out of my sails was he didn't even give me words of congratulations in finally fully completing this very involved and time consuming course. The past two years ended with not even a general ending statement with a "goodbye" much less a "congrats'". I was simply given an abruptly finished sentence regarding the last assignments critique and then the recording ended. Maybe my gripe is trivial, but to any student young or old, a strong ending to give you that 'feel good' feeling speaks volumes and unfortunately my course ending "feels" fell flat. 4 stars could have been 5 if things were different at the end.rnrnAnyway. I graduated and I am overall HAPPY. rnrnAlexander A.
YunJae Park
Every course was a great help.rnCommunication with the mentor was also smooth.
Ray Cates
I wish I had started this a long time ago. I am learning so much. I see this as a great investment in my future as a photographer. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in photography.
Csaba Demzse
Professional online course with a lot of photo examples and learning videos. Very good and prompt customer services.
William Mcwalters
I have to say that this course goes over a lot more than I expected. I also took a photography certification course with The Art Institute for almost 10 grand and this covered more. I would recommend this for anyone that really wants to learn more than enough to go out and do this for a living.
Willie G. Tolan
I had nothing but a great experience with NYIP. Because all the course work is online, please do not be fooled into thinking that learning the art of photography will be easy. Like most things, you will get out of it what you put into it! NYIP will definitely provide the foundations for developing your eye as a photographer, if you adhere to their modular learning methodology and are open to learning from the mentor critiques (which are the best)! I highly recommend NYIP!
I do really enjoyed this course, which is extremely well organized and helpful. As an online course, It's all adapted to your schedule, whenever and wherever. I want to say that the most important part for me it the photo project, it is so great to have professional and famous photographer to evaluate your works and provide you the comments and suggestions. It is priceless!
Seila Brkovic -Imamovic
It is such a great course. It teaches you the skills you need. You can finish it at any pace that suits your lifestyle and your obligations. You are guided by professionals, but above all you are guided by people who care. Thank you.
Peter Ng
Robust syllabus, well rounded coverage on different aspects and genres of photography. Very encouraging guidance received from the instructors has kept me going. Took the entire time needed to complete the course. Made many memorable photos along the way as part of the projects.
Love this course it has so much information to become a successful photographer .The course is very easy to understand and it’s easy to navigate on the website .
Lufeng Zou
I have read through all the materials before submitting the projects. The materials are great and comprehensive, but more importantly, the projects are really good practices! The student advisers provide invaluable comments on the project and it's an important chance to get professional advice on your photo. Highly recommended!
Brian Fisher
When I first started the course I knew very little about photography. The thing that attracted me was that it was well organized and everything you need is available in one place. I think my photography has improved a lot, all thanks to this course. I would recommend it to anyone.
christos kyriazis
Very interesting lessons!
Kiran Hamal
Best pathway !
Emily Lollar
Absolutely way more knowledge than I expected! Perfect for serious photographers!
Nothing has helped me grow more in my photography than this particular course. The detailed insights for every project helped me grow with every photograph I took and I can't be more thankful to have come across such a vast and detailed photography course. A huge thanks to my mentors and guides who have held my hand and led me through this wonderful journey. A special thanks to Mr. Walter Karling without whose insights I would not have been where I am with my photography today. He is the sole reason behind me building up my confidence and being able to sum up the courage to finally strive to start off my professional photography journey. Thanks a lot sir.
Lindsay Franks
It was a great course, able to be completed in a decent time. The instructors are easy to get a hold of. If I needed any help it was no problem to contact them.
Laura McLarnon
Very informative course. I became intimidated by the projects but I finally stating submitting my photos. The feedback is excellent and my skills have increased dramatically. If you are like me and live alone and think you need to bother friends or hire a model to get your projects done, have no fear: just photograph yourself! My dog also became a model for some projects. Lots of fun
Sherri Malkinson
NYIP has provided me the skills and the confidence to be able to approach the art of photography in a whole new light. Prior to attending this course I was had been self taught, and I feel that NYIP has fine tuned my skills and taught me beneficial information that every photographer should learn and know. Each lesson was valuable and unique in its own way, from the basics techniques of learning how to operate your camera, and even the business and marketing aspects of photography. What I take away from this school is not only the accomplishment of completing the course, but also the tools that I will need to become a success in my future endeavors. NYIP has been worth every penny and I am so grateful that I took the leap and followed it all the way through. Thank you NYIP it's been a great journey!
Jon madison
I learned a lot over the last year thank you!
Brenda Turner
Great course so far. I’m learning a lot very in-depth . rn