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How to Set Up a Photography Studio Outdoors

By Michelle Ecker on August 9 2019.

If you’re new to photography, learning how to set up your first studio can feel like a daunting task. To take that a step further, setting one up…
 What Does It Mean for a Photography School to Be Accredited?

By: Michelle Ecker on August 7 2019.

Today, many students don’t have the time or financial ability to enroll in a traditional brick and mortar photography program. Students are opting more and more for online,…
How Much Should a Photographer Charge?

By: Michelle Ecker on August 7 2019.

If you are new to the photography industry, it can feel awkward coming up with a pricing model to help you determine how much you should charge clients.…
How to Use a Lens Ball 

By: Michelle Ecker on August 6 2019.

If you’re looking for something different to try with your photography this weekend, consider attempting a refraction shot. Not to be confused with reflection photography