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NYIP is nothing without it's student and graduates, and we love sharing photography student success stories. Below are stories about NYIP students and graduates who have achieved success in the field of photography. If you have a success story for us, we'd love to hear it. Click here and share it.

Geoff Maxwell

By Michelle Ecker January 30, 2019

Years ago, Geoff Maxwell found himself taking brief, two the three hour long instructional courses at his local camera shop. But he wondered- if he dedicated more time to a traditional, comprehensive photography education, what would he be capable of? Now a graduate of NYIP, Maxwell boasts a captivated Instagram audience of nearly 50,000, sharing incredible nature and…
David Hakamaki

By Michelle Ecker January 7, 2019

In the early 2000's, David Hakamaki enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography, way back when their now-online photography courses were delivered via mail, in the form of cassette tapes and textbooks. Today,…
Charles Vaughn

By Michelle Ecker January 2, 2019

Charles Vaughn always had an interest in taking photos, but after he got his first real DSLR, he was totally hooked. After enrolling in a New York Institute of Photography course, he discovered his passion for deeper concepts like direction of light and depth of field. …
Mooreyameen Mohamad

By Michelle Ecker November 28, 2018

After taking pictures at a close friend’s wedding, Mooreyameen Mohamad realized how important photography is when documenting the most meaningful moments in life. In 2015, he enrolled in an online photography course at NYIP. “I wanted to be taken seriously as a photographer,” he shares. “Not just someone…
Gabriel Olude

By Michelle Ecker August 17, 2017

Gabriel Olude always wanted to use his graphic arts talent to transform ordinary photographs into pieces of art, but initially struggled to find photographers who would collaborate with this effort. Determined to make his dream work, he enrolled as an NYIP student in 2014 so he could learn to capture beautiful photos himself. Since graduating, his distinctive images have been…
Michael Neal

By Michelle Ecker July 14, 2017

Years ago, Michael Neal spontaneously agreed to do a shoot for a Chicago-based band on an old D3000. Since then, he has expertly managed to segue his concert photography talent into a growing career. From shooting Warped Tour this year (with press credentials) for a multimedia company to photographing a three night music festival in Tampa Bay for the show’s…
Student Success: Sergiy Kadulin

By Michelle Ecker June 17, 2017

After 20 years of working in the corporate world, Sergiy Kadulin decided to instead pursue his lifelong passion for photography as a full-time career option. Because NYIP’s photography courses are entirely online, he was able to continue working full time while completing his photography education at his own pace. Today, he runs his own independent business, specializing in…
Student Success: Christos Psevdiotis

By Michelle Ecker June 16, 2017

Christos Psevdiotis was always interested in photography as a hobby, but it wasn’t until he purchased his first bridge camera in 2012 that he realized the opportunities awaiting him on a professional level. Although he had already gone to college for photography, he felt he needed more professional training in order to prepare for an actual career- so he decided…
Student Success: Cat Granger

By Michelle Ecker June 15, 2017

Being married to a member of the US Military, Cat Granger often found herself moving to new places as a result of ever-changing stations. In 2016, she realized that her passion for photography was one thing that followed her through all the moves she made- and something she could turn into a career. Soon after, she enrolled in an
Student Success: Sarah Havens

By Michelle Ecker June 14, 2017

In 2013, Sarah Havens moved from Germany to the United States and decided to take the transition as an opportunity to start pursuing photography as a serious career. Shortly after she arrived, she enrolled in an online photography course at NYIP, taking advantage of our popular programs offered to military families. Today, she is a full-time portrait photographer, working…

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