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NYIP is nothing without it's student and graduates, and we love sharing photography student success stories. Below are stories about NYIP students and graduates who have achieved success in the field of photography. If you have a success story for us, we'd love to hear it. Click here and share it.

Student Success: Dennis Hughes

By Michelle Ecker April 7, 2017

While serving in the US Army back in 1966, Dennis Hughes attended an arts and crafts shop in order to learn how to process film. During this visit, he quickly realized that photography was a field he was interested in pursuing on a professional level. From there, he began to read photography magazines and eventually made the decision to enroll in an…
Student Success: Lu Ross

By Michelle Ecker March 2, 2017

After working in the web design business for several years, Lu Ross decided to pursue her longtime love of photography as a full time career instead. After enrolling in NYIP’s Complete Course in Professional Photography to expand her knowledge of both composition and business management, she began working in representational and abstract fine art photography. Today, she is an artist…
Student Success: John Roach

By Michelle Ecker February 23, 2017

When John Roach was approaching retirement in 2008, he began to consider how he wanted to spend the rest of his life after working. After giving it some thought, he soon realized that photography was the field he wanted to pursue more deeply. He enrolled in a local digital photography course, soon followed by NYIP’s pro course. Today he has not only…
Student Success: Felipe Hueb

By Michelle Ecker January 30, 2017

After getting consistently positive feedback on his photos, Felipe Hueb decided to enroll with NYIP in 2016. Combining routine studying sessions with the launch of his own professional business, Hueb has channeled his growing knowledge of the art into a successful business, setting up his own photography studio and even winning an award in the first contest he ever entered. We…
Student Success: Gregory Boratyn

By Michelle Ecker January 27, 2017

After winning a Topaz Labs photography contest, Gregory Boratyn was awarded a free course at NYIP. Since he had always been passionate about taking pictures but wasn’t entirely sure how to monetize his great talent, he decided to enroll in our Business for Photographers course. Today, he travels across the globe- from Patagonia, Argentina where he teaches workshops to…
Student Success: Conny Holm

By Michelle Ecker January 4, 2017

After working with cameras as part of an art class he was taking, Conny Holm knew that photography was a hobby he was interested in pursuing even more. Thanks to the encouragement of a friend and an investment in a photography education, Conny soon enrolled as a student of NYIP, diligently working through the curriculum and graduating in only a few…
Student Success: Cathy Henderson

By Michelle Ecker November 14, 2016

Since the age of 10, Cathy Henderson loved taking pictures. However, 2 years ago, she realized that photography was more than just a hobby in her life and she decided to enroll at NYIP to jumpstart the transition from pastime to lifelong career. Still a student of NYIP, she is already achieving great success with her work, recently winning two awards in the…
Student Success: Darin Hlavinka

By Michelle Ecker November 11, 2016

After joining a local camera club in Boise, Darin Hlavinka realized that photography was more than just a hobby in his life. He decided to enroll at NYIP, completing his course in 1999. Becoming more gifted with his camerawork, one of his photos was just chosen as the winner of the Idaho Statesman’s yearly Playing Outdoors photo contest. We…
Student Success: Jeffrey Dannay

By Michelle Ecker October 20, 2016

After watching the success his father-in-law had in the local photography industry, Jeffrey Dannay was intrigued. Taking up the art with his wife as a means to spend more time with his family, Dannay soon fell in love with photography as well. After enrolling in NYIP’s professional photography course, he now teaches workshops…
Student Success: Vasily Kovalev

By Michelle Ecker October 15, 2016

Since he was a child, Vasily Kovalev was a fan of photography. After receiving his first film camera in 2002, he started to build upon this interest, snapping photos of his family and friends as a hobby.…

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