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NYIP is nothing without it's student and graduates, and we love sharing photography student success stories. Below are stories about NYIP students and graduates who have achieved success in the field of photography. If you have a success story for us, we'd love to hear it. Click here and share it.

Student Success Hariharan Swaminathan

By NYIP Staff July 9, 2013

Student Name: Hariharan Swaminathan City: Charlotte, NC Website: Editor's Note NYIP Complete Course in Photography Graduate Hariharan Swaminathan came to our attention when NYIP Student Advisor George Delagado saw Hariharan’s beautiful portfolio of images on his website. We thought you'd like to hear how Hariharan built his photographic career.
Student Profile Richie Wessen

By Sarah Van Arsdale February 5, 2013

Wessen's interest in photography began with an interest in lenses, microscopes and other general optics products. "My father was a science teacher at high school and together we would often do small projects that were related to light reflections and refractions and color separations with light prisms, crystals or various forms of circular lenses," he said. He was fascinated by…
Student Profile Louis Barton 2

By NYIP Staff December 26, 2012

NYIP Graduate Louis Barton made this powerful portrait of a toucan at the Dallas Zoo. The image is arresting because it brings us so close to the toucan's eye and the rear portion of the bird's beak. This close proximity was made possible because Barton chose to crop the remainder of…
Student Profile Louis Barton

By Chuck DeLaney December 25, 2012

The story behind this photograph is one that I enjoy sharing. Louis submitted this picture as part of his very first NYI assignment -- the Unit One Photo Project calls for a picture of a landscape or cityscape. After evaluating this photograph, Louis's instructor marked it for consideration by the faculty for an Award…
Student Profile Freysteinn G Johnsson

By Sarah Van Arsdale December 13, 2012

As an NYI graduate, Freysteinn G. Johnsson flashed his PhotoWorld press card and was given access to the action at the Icelandic Championship Tournament of A-Formula Off-road Racing. Standing only 35-50 feet away, Johnsson used his Canon EOS 1V and 35-80 mm zoom lens to photograph this driver steering…
Student Profile Rick Reddy

By Sarah Van Arsdale December 7, 2012

The reason most people pursue a career in photography can often be summed up in three words: creativity, creativity, creativity. But then again, there is also the technical aspect of photography, which often boils down to equipment, equipment, equipment. Richard Reddy has found a way to blend the two into a business that allows him to explore his creative side…
Student Profile Rob Medina

By Sarah Van Arsdale November 8, 2012

Take a risk. We hear all the time about how important this is in getting ahead in any field, and it's especially important in getting into professional photography. NYI Graduate Rob Medina is a great example of this. He was just starting out in the field, and hadn't yet shot a wedding — and…
Student Profile George Petering

By NYIP Staff October 15, 2012

NYI graduate George W. Petering was still a student when he stopped by our offices on the way to a safari in Kenya a few years ago. While he was here in New York, George spoke with Student Advisor Jerry Rice about what to do to make sure that he got good pictures of wildlife during his trip, no matter the circumstances. After all, who…
Student Profile Ronald Zincone

By Sarah Van Arsdale September 10, 2012

Every classroom had one: the kid who was always dreaming, looking up at the stars in the night sky instead of watching a re-run of "The Love Boat," the kid who'd rather get a telescope than a basketball for Christmas. Well, often those kids grow up to become the most successful scientists…
Student Profile JC Lopez Johnston

By Sarah Van Arsdale July 18, 2012

Student Name: J.C. Lopez-Johnston City: Atlanta, Georgia How did you first become interested in photography? I have always been interested in photography. Since I was a child in Maracaibo,…

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