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NYIP is nothing without it's student and graduates, and we love sharing photography student success stories. Below are stories about NYIP students and graduates who have achieved success in the field of photography. If you have a success story for us, we'd love to hear it. Click here and share it.

Student Profile Carl Auer

By Sarah Van Arsdale May 8, 2011

Sometimes a twist of fate can make all the difference in the direction person's life will take; for Carl Auer, it was a simple matter of having a drivers' license when he was a sports reporter for his high school newspaper. The photographer, who was only a freshman, couldn't drive, and so Carl bought himself a…
Student Profile John Kerkacharian

By Sarah Van Arsdale April 21, 2011

When asked about subject matter, most beginning photographers will name people, animals, landscapes and nature as their top picks. Not many would say they just love going out and shooting a giant backhoe, or a derelict building in the shadows of dusk. But then, NYI Graduate John Kerkacharian isn’t most photographers. He is one of those photographers who has followed…
Student Profile Richard Bowser

By Sarah Van Arsdale April 3, 2011

Student Name: Richard (Rick) Bowser City: St Peters, MO (St Louis Area) Website: Why NYIP? "I researched a number of schools, but NYIP offered the programs that best fit my needs. I was a full time Sales Rep and had a strong desire to learn the photography industry professionally, so the programs NYIP…
Student Profile Denise Owens

By Sarah Van Arsdale February 11, 2011

NAME: Denise Owens CITY: Cincinnati, Ohio WEB SITE: What do you like best about photography I love taking a larger scene, group, or setting, concentrating on one aspect of it and making it unique and memorable. Photography is so powerful. It can freeze a split instant and…
Student Profile Linda Lagerway

By NYIP Staff January 24, 2011

As we've noted, this eye-catching photo by NYIP Student Lynda J. Lagerwey has the look and feel of a professional commercial image. It's not. Lynda took this photo as part of an experiment in lighting and composition that was part of her NYIP Unit Five Photo Project. Lynda noticed "the wonderful colors and textures in her…
Student Profile Rick Pennock

By Sarah Van Arsdale January 6, 2011

NYIP Graduate Rick Pennock is living proof that having a specialty in photography pays off, both in terms of getting your work out there and in terms of satisfaction. After studying at NYIP, Rick was offered a job with First Responder News, a newspaper that covers New England firefighters. Since he's a firefighter as well as a photographer,…
Student Profile Robert Weingarten

By Sarah Van Arsdale September 11, 2010

Robert Weingarten Web site: The sticky paint smeared on rough fabric looks so real, so three-dimensional, you're sure that if you touched it, your fingers would come away a deep blue. And yet, this isn't a collage under glass; it's a photograph, but the burlap and paint is so close,…
Student Profile Monica Starks

By Sharon Gumerove August 29, 2010

Student Name: Monica Starks City: Southfield, MI Website: Editor's Note: We first heard about NYIP Graduate Monica Stark's success in photography when she posted on our Facebook page that she'd "made 50K with just one client." Intrigued we set out to learn more about how this came about and more about Monica's photography career. Tell us…
Student Profile Seth Gottfried

By Sarah Van Arsdale July 12, 2010

I was sound asleep on a Thursday night just before Halloween when the police started incessantly ringing the buzzer to my loft. Stumbling to the intercom expecting to hear strange mumblings from some misguided drunk on the street below, imagine my surprise when I heard: "Police. There's a fire. Get out of your building!" My family hastily pulled on some clothes, grabbed the dog, sequestered…
Student Profile Jennifer Dohner

By Sarah Van Arsdale June 19, 2010

It started as a challenge, and it remains a challenge today: Jennifer Dohner's specialization in photographing live performances by musicians, promotional shots for CD covers, and photo spreads on bands for magazines. "My first job in the music industry was actually done on a dare from my daughter. I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go with…

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