Student Success Stories

NYIP is nothing without it's student and graduates, and we love sharing photography student success stories. Below are stories about NYIP students and graduates who have achieved success in the field of photography. If you have a success story for us, we'd love to hear it. Click here and share it.

Student Success: Nikos Kalkounos

By Michelle Ecker November 17, 2015

When Nikos Kalkounos came across the EEA’s “Picture 2050 – Living Well, Within the Limits of our Planet” competition prompt, a photo in his archive immediately came to mind. Tackling parts 2 and 3 of the contest using his previous personal experiences and knowledge gained at NYIP, he went on to be chosen as the national competition’s second place…
Student Success: Justin Gage

By Michelle Ecker November 6, 2015

Growing up, Justin was fascinated with his father’s old SLR camera. Twenty years later and working in the fashion industry, he finally decided to dive into the world of photography himself. After studying at NYIP, Gage was able to participate in shoots as not only a creative director and stylist, but as a photographer and visual artist himself.…
Student Success Laya Gerlock

By Sharon Gumerove May 20, 2015

Yuki Tansengco’s ‘Project Tassel’ grants many students from less fortunate communities with a free graduation photo experience, including: hair, make-up, and portrait. NYIP student, Laya Gerlock is one of the photographers working on this wonderful project. We contacted him in order to talk about what has been keeping him busy and to find out more about Project Tassel. …
Student Success George Faella

By Sharon Gumerove November 14, 2014

Student Name: George Faella City:Riverhead, NY Website: George Faella Photography How did you get started in sports photography? I was always interested in sports, growing up I played ice hockey, and roller hockey, unlike the usual baseball - football that kids always play. As I grew older, I coached my children's sports teams, as well as High School…
Student Success Stories – May 2014

By NYIP Staff May 2, 2014

Darryl Wayne Espiritu, New York NYIP Graduate Darryl is a Filipino freelance photographer currently based in the United Arab Emirates. After graduating from NYIP’s Complete Course in Professional Photography, Darryl went on to start his own business photographing events, weddings,industrial/corporate work , portraits , fashion and more. Recent photographic successes for him include having a photo used for a billboard and a travel photo…
Student Success Stephen Krawiec

By Sharon Gumerove January 7, 2014

NYIP student Stephen Krawiec is a budding surfing photographer whose first published photograph appeared in Eastern Surf Magazine. We thought our students and website visitors would enjoy learning more about what it takes to do this kind of photography. How did you get interested in Surf photography? Growing up in New Jersey, it’s…
NYIP Student in Action – James Burnham

By James Burnham December 30, 2013

The morning of Sunday, November 17th, we were at home in Tremont, IL, 14 miles directly south of Washington, IL. We heard the tornado sirens and I checked the weather radar and saw the majority of the bad weather off to the north and west. I didn’t know a tornado had just ripped through just 10 miles directly to the west. After the sirens stopped…
Student Success Michelle Kaczmarowski

By Sharon Gumerove December 13, 2013

Student Name: Michelle Kaczmarowski City:Manitowoc, Wisconsin Website: How did you first become interested in photography? My dad was a photographer when I was young. I grew up in a family of six and we didn't have much money, so my dad saved up and ordered a 35mm…
Student Success Stories – August 2013

By NYIP Staff August 13, 2013

Nancy Basmann, New York Congratulations to NYIP Graduate Nancy Basmann whose photo “Louis Mendes” won the Judges Choice Award for a Black & White photo in the 2nd Annual Bob Johnston Photo Show and Competition. It’s the second award Nancy has won for this particular image. Enrique Diaz, New York Here at NYIP, we always like to tell students that…
Shooting With A Pro: Student Experience

By Bruce Warner July 17, 2013

One of the recommendations I've heard over and over was that you should try to assist a professional photographer on an assignment. A few years back, Allen Clore, a local model photographer, had done a session with my daughter. He and I had been in touch ever since. About six weeks ago I dropped this on Allen, "You do great work. One of these days…

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