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NYIP is nothing without it's student and graduates, and we love sharing photography student success stories. Below are stories about NYIP students and graduates who have achieved success in the field of photography. If you have a success story for us, we'd love to hear it. Click here and share it.

Student Success: Brian Henriksen

By Michelle Ecker July 28, 2016

In 2011, Brian Henriksen enrolled in NYIP while deployed to Afghanistan. He had always been passionate about art and photography as a child, and realized then that it was what he wanted to pursue after his military retirement. Approaching the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, Brian reached out to the French Press Bureau,…
Student Success: Jason Brewer

By Michelle Ecker July 7, 2016

As a child, Jason Brewer was fascinated by his parents’ point and shoot film cameras. After years of using said tools to capture various snapshots of daily life, he finally decided to enroll at NYIP and develop his photographic passion in a more structured, cohesive way. Recently approached by Lumu Light Meter to be featured as a blog photographer, Jason…
Student Success: Jordan Belville

By Michelle Ecker July 6, 2016

When Jordan Belville was 8 years old, he used to jokingly tell his cousin that he would be taking pictures for National Geographic someday. For a while, he thought this photographic dream might be out of his financial reach- but after graduating high school, working and saving for a few months, Jordan was finally able to purchase his first DSLR-…
Student Success: Hema Narayanan

By Michelle Ecker March 17, 2016

After earning a Master’s Degree in engineering, Hema Narayanan worked in IT and software development for several years within her flourishing local tech industry. Often traveling for work, she began to pack a camera on her professional journeys, keeping a personal photo documentation of the places she was going. Soon realizing her underlying passion for camerawork, she made a New…
Student Success: Tasha Hall

By Michelle Ecker February 18, 2016

From developing photos in her high school’s dark room to enrolling at NYIP years later, Tasha Hall has loved taking pictures for as long as she can remember. Throughout her life, she’s taken advantage of any and all opportunities to further her skills and develop her knowledge of camerawork while continuously allowing herself to grow a following by submitting her work…
Student Success: Tim Campbell

By Michelle Ecker February 9, 2016

During a difficult time in his life, Tim Campbell’s friend suggested he book a physique shoot with two of the most popular experts in Miami in an effort to highlight the progress he had made through fitness and exercise. After completing the shoot and seeing the finished product, he realized the potential skilled photographers held in completely restoring a person’s…
Student Success: Richard Higgins

By Michelle Ecker January 29, 2016

Richard Higgins got his first SLR film camera when he was a teenager. Noticing his natural eye for photography, he continued to pursue this passion, eventually enrolling as a student of NYIP. Since then, he has gone on to teach seminars for the North American Nature Photography Association, to be featured in The Smithsonian and to win numerous awards…
Student Success: John Russell

By Michelle Ecker January 26, 2016

Since the age of five, John Russell has been creating various forms of art. An advocate for innovation, Russell discovered his love of photography as a teenager and has subsequently brought his eye for eccentricity to the world of camerawork. A graduate of NYIP, he has since repeatedly been featured in galleries and showcased in fine art exhibitions nationwide. We recently got…
Student Success: John Munno

By Michelle Ecker January 22, 2016

When John Munno encountered a bout of health challenges, he began to spend time sorting through the photos he used to take in high school. In what he describes as a ‘defining moment,’ John realized the happiness and wellbeing he experienced when he tapped into this creative passion, and he decided to pick up where…
Student Success: Alex Braverman

By Michelle Ecker December 4, 2015

After working as a self-proclaimed ‘computer geek’ for most of his life, Alex Braverman realized his untapped eye for photography. After receiving a digital camera as a New Year’s gift from his wife, he’s gone on to win countless worldwide photography competitions, including the 2015 B&W Magazine Portfolio Award for Dance Photography. We recently…

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