WPPIC: Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Certification

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Certification

Become a certified professional wedding photographer

NYIP has partnered with WPPI to offer the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Certification. The WPPIC Candidate Training Program is an online study guide and exam created to prove your skills in the art and business of wedding and portrait photography.

Why should I become certified?

  • Separate Yourself from the competition
  • Market Yourself in a whole new way
  • Become Certified by the best organization in the industry

*non-members pay an additional $199.99 membership fee.

With WPPI Certification, you will gain confidence in your skills as a photographer, and you will achieve credibility in your field and marketability in your career. If you are a wedding or portrait photographer, you need to be WPPI Certified.

Luke Edmonson, WPPI Certified Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Certification?

The certification is offered exclusively to WPPI members. If you are not already a WPPI member, you may join when applying for certification on the NYIP site.

The total cost for WPPIC and membership is $298. If you are already a WPPI member, you pay only $99 for certification.

How long do you have to complete the process?

While it’s possible to complete the certification process in as little time as a few weeks, we recommend you take your time to get through all of the materials provided. Candidates have as much as 12 months to finish.

How long is my certification good for?

Your certification will be good for as long as you are a member of WPPI.

More Questions

Are there study materials?

Yes, you will have access to extensive test preparation materials using our online learning center.

What topics are on the exam?

The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions which cover both the technical details relevant to photography, exposure, lighting and composition, as well as those that test your business knowledge.

When and where do I take the exam?

The online test will be proctored by a company called ProctorU. You are able to schedule the exam for a day and time that is convenient for you. We cover the cost of proctoring for one test. Your results are immediately available upon completion of the test.

What is required for the submission process?

Each candidate is required to submit a portfolio of approximately 15 images for review. The guidelines we provide give you in depth descriptions of what we’re looking for in your images. We will also request that you provide various business related materials, such as a website link. This portfolio will be reviewed by one of WPPI’s industry professionals who have been trained on our scoring parameters. They will provide audio feedback within 7 business days of your submission.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam/images?

If a candidate fails the test and needs to retake the exam, they will have to pay for the cost of each subsequent test at $25. However, to avoid this, we recommend using the self-check quiz prior to taking the actual exam. If you do well on the quiz, you’re ready for the proctored test.

What do I receive when I’m done?

After completing your certification, you will receive a physical certificate to display in your studio along with a digital badge for your website and social profiles.

Where can you get help if needed?

We have a team of dedicated photography teachers ready to assist. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-708-3632. Remember, we are here to help you through this process and get certified!