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PhotoPlus 2010 Review

By NYIP Staff on November 10, 2010

New York Institute of Photography: On Location

NYIP Student Advisor Chris CorradinoThis year's Photo Plus Expo was bustling with activity. With an indoor BMX ramp, thick crowds, and over 200 vendors, it's easy to get overwhelmed at these events. To navigate through the excitement and bring you the best of the Expo, we sent NYIP Student Advisor Chris Corradino. His assignment was to find seven unique, and useful items for your photography. There are always a lot of "kinda,sorta" things that might have a lot of glitter and gleam, but Chris was looking for products that can set the serious photographer apart from the rest of the pack — whether it's a great new product to help you get the picture, or a new way to display your beautiful photographs that will appeal to your customers. Here's Chris's report.