The Best Tips for Photographing Holiday Gatherings

By Michelle Ecker on November 21st, 2017
The Best Tips to Photograph Holiday Gatherings

In every family, there’s always that one person who brings a camera along to every gathering, and has throughout the years become the group’s unofficial photographer. And we have a feeling that if you’re reading this right now, that person in your family is probably you!

Getting ready for the holiday season this year, we thought we’d share a list of tips that can help you capture the most memorable holiday moments at your next household get together. Here’s what we came up with:

Memorable Places

Many families have a certain place- a grandmother’s home, a special restaurant, or a rented cabin in the woods- where everyone comes together each year to celebrate. Does your group have a tradition like this?

If you do, capturing some meaningful photos of the location itself is a wonderful idea, and one that’s often overlooked. Many of your relatives probably look forward to being in that particular home every year on special holiday occasions, and have grown to associate that place with family, togetherness and celebration. Capturing some nice photos of the location itself is definitely worth including in a perfect holiday photo series.

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Traditional Food

This is another popular ritual, and one absolutely worth encapsulating in a photo series to help tell the story of your family’s holiday celebrations. We’re almost positive that your family has some signature dishes they eat every year at your seasonal get together.

Does your sister-in-law always make a giant turkey on New Year’s Eve? Or maybe your grandfather has an amazing pecan pie recipe he only brings out on your special occasions. Whatever your tasty traditions may be, include those in your picture series too. All these small details- the place you meet family, the foods you share- come together to tell a bigger story of what makes this season so special.


This is the most obvious, final element worth including in what we consider a perfect family photo series. If there are any young children in your family, baby and toddler pictures are always a first priority- you definitely want to capture those fleeting memories of the early years. And on the opposite end of the age spectrum, photos of your older relatives are a must as well.

Relationship photos are, to us, the best ones you can capture- so be on the lookout for meaningful interactions. Is your grandfather reading a book to your niece’s new baby? Moments like those are the most memorable ones you’ll want to look back on in the future, so don’t miss out on snapping some perfect shots whenever you can.