Football Photography Tips by the New York Institute of Photography Just In Time for Kickoff of NFL Season

on Friday, 14 September 2012.

This week, the New York Institute of Photography released their new article on football photography. The free tips on taking better photos of football games was added to NYI's collection of photography articles which are featured on NYIP’s newsletter subscribers were given a sneak peak of the new article last month.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

'Shoot through the play. What does this mean? After the big touchdown, do not look down at your LCD screen (chimping) to see if you got the shot. Just keep shooting! Perhaps the player will be mobbed by his teammates, or maybe the opponents will throw their helmets down in disgust. If your eyes are buried in the camera menu, you will miss all the action. Also, take lots of pictures. It doesn't cost any extra, so use that burst mode to your advantage.

Out of the 15 rapid shots you made during an acrobatic play, you are likely to have a few blurry shots, a handful in which players body parts are cut off, a few that are just OK, and one that you really like. That is the image that will go to your editor, and into your portfolio.'

Click the link to read the full "How to Take Great Football Photos" article.

"With football season in full swing, both professionally and at the Pop Warner, High School, and Collegiate levels, we're excited to offer these free tips for photographers looking to capture those memorable moments the sport offers," said Chris Corradino, student advisor and staff writer for NYIP.