New York Institute of Photography Announces New Graduate Discount Program

on Tuesday, 21 August 2012.

Today, the New York Institute of Photography announces the launch of their new graduate discount program, designed to give NYIP graduates increased access to continuing education programs offered by NYIP and their sister schools.

Starting now, all students who complete their studies and earn a certificate in any of NYIP’s photography courses will be able to save $100 on their tuition if they choose to enroll in any other program offered by the company. This includes all other NYIP courses, as well as courses in Interior Design, Wedding Planning, Jewelry Design, and Blogging, offered by NYIP’s sister schools, the Sheffield School and the New York Institute of Career Development.

"We get asked frequently whether or not we offer our graduates a discount on future courses," said Chuck DeLaney, NYIP's Director, "and as of today, the answer across the board is yes."

The program also applies retroactively to all graduates of the school's programs who completed their studies throughout the storied history of NYIP. "We've been training photographers since 1910, and our alumni deserve the opportunity to advance their careers or expand on other interests with us," said Keith Bernhard, who manages the NYIP Alumni Association, "and now that opportunity has been made that much more convenient."

For details on how to take advantage of the Graduate Discount Program, and a list of courses offered, you can call the school at {dynamic_phone_number} or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..