NYIP Launches New Online Photo Project Submission Portal for Students

on Monday, 25 March 2013.

Today, as a part of the their mission to provide the highest-quality photography education to students all over the world, the New York Institute of Photography announced the launch of a new online photo project submission portal for students enrolled in their photography courses. This update to the courses was based on a request from new and existing students, and greatly improves the speed with which students can get feedback from their teachers as they move through the course.

For years, NYIP students would mail their photo projects into the school to be evaluated by their photography teacher. The reasons for this process were to ensure students could create a print, and to provide teachers with prints so that they could evaluate photos without worrying about their computer monitors affecting the coloring or photo quality. Over the last six months, NYIP worked to build a state of the art photo upload system that allows students to share high quality photos through the web, and get feedback from their teachers on the same platform.

"The new online submission portal is the best thing to happen to NYIP’s courses in a long time," said NYIP's head student advisor Chris Corradino. "It will help students complete their projects faster, save them money on shipping, and improve the quality of the photography training that our students receive."

The online photo project submissions will completely replace the physical mail process currently in the course for all new students in both the Complete Course in Professional Photography and the Fundamentals of Digital Photography moving forward. For those students who will still require physical submissions for any reason, they will be given that option.

For more information on this new process, please contact the school at {dynamic_phone_number} or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..