NYIP Teacher Joe Buglewicz Raises Awareness for Food Waste With New Project

on Wednesday, 16 January 2013.

Joe Buglewicz, a professional photographer and teacher at the New York Institute of Photography, recently launched a new project, entitled "Rotten", to highlight to problem of food waste in the US. Now, he's selling a limited number of prints from the collection and donating a percentage of sales to City Harvest, a food rescue organization in New York City.

"Rotten started as a way for me to curb my own personal food waste," Joe said, "After a while I started reading more about food waste in the US, and the numbers really shocked me. Billions of dollars are wasted, it's a strain on the environment, and 1 in 6 people still don't have enough to eat. So the project has kind of morphed into something bigger, and I'll be continuing to elaborate on this essay in the future."

Joe shoots fascinating photos of foods that have soured, spoiled, and otherwise gone bad. For a sample of the work, you can take a look at Joe Buglewicz's website. The images are intended to remind those that view them to be grateful for the food that they have, and cognizant of those around us that aren't as lucky.

Joe is currently a teacher at the New York Institute of Photography, helping students enrolled in the school to improve their photography through feedback on course projects.