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3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Photography

By Michelle Ecker on August 31, 2018

3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Photography

Do your photos often come out blurry and you aren’t quite sure why? This is probably one of the most common complaints we receive from amateur photographers looking to improve their everyday compositions-“Why are my photos coming out blurry? What am I doing wrong?”

Luckily, there are a few really common answers to that question- so with some quick, simple fixes, you can easily mend this issue if it’s one you find yourself commonly faced with as well.

  1. Is Your Shutter Speed Set Properly?
  2. If your photos aren’t coming out as sharp as you’d like them to, it’s very possible that your shutter speed is simply too slow. This is probably the most common cause of blurry photos, and it’s such a simple fix.

    If your shutter speed isn’t fast enough, your photo will absolutely appear out of focus or blurred. The exact shutter speed you’re going to need to select isn’t one blanket answer we can give you to guarantee the best shot in all conditions- it really depends on the other settings you’ve made, and what type of shot you’re taking. But as a general rule of thumb for best results, try not to use a shutter speed slower than 1/*whatever your focal length is.* So for example, if you’re working with a 70mm lens, your corresponding shutter speed should not be slower than 1/70th in order to avoid a blur.

  3. Is Your Camera Steady?
  4. You’ve probably been told a million times that the easiest way to avoid blurry photos is to use a tripod or a remote cable release. While this may be true, what happens if you’re using both of these tools but your photos are STILL coming out blurry?

    It’s important to make sure the ground your tripod is standing on isn’t to blame. Depending on what setting you’re working in- whether it’s the sidelines at a sporting event or a hiking trail in your local nature reserve, if there’s traffic or movement on the ground around the tripod, your camera could easily be shaking on his tripod, causing a blur. Be mindful of your location and find a settled, still location if need be.

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  5. Are You Mindful of Your Surroundings?
  6. Believe it or not, the weather conditions could also be the reason for your blurry photos- and we’re not just talking about the more obvious culprit of wind. If there are lots of particles in the air on an especially humid afternoon, or if it’s extremely hot outside, your photos could look blurry as a result.

    Unfortunately one of the only ways to avoid this is to check out the weather conditions before an outdoor shoot and reschedule accordingly if need be.