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"What Inspires Your Photos" Contest

By Leonardo Urena on February 11, 2015


A photographer requires very little while at work: a functional camera, the world around them, and inspiration. At the New York Institute of Photography we enjoy learning what inspires photographers, all kinds of photographers. Whether you have recently decided to pick up a camera or you have a studio in your home. We took to our social media pages and asked our followers, "What inspires your photos?" Below is the winner along with several other submissions that we enjoyed.

NYIP's "What Inspires Your Photo" Contest Winner:

"The magical world I see through the lens is what inspires me."

Photo by: deb.bach

"…the first time I saw snow falling, and it also happened to be the first snowfall of the season in Watkins Glen, NY"

Photo by: oelfxph

"Inspired by impromptu opportunities presenting themselves. While visiting Sydney, this beautiful couple was having their shoot at the Opera House and I just had to seize the moment."

Photo by: Robyn A Flamand

"Trees inspire me. I've always loved them so when I turned a corner the other day & saw this dormant orchard I couldn't resist stopping to snap this photo."

Photo by: Constance Elaine Puttkemery

"The question inspires me. There's always a question to be asked when you see a photograph. Who were they? What was happening? Were they happy or sad?"

Photo by: Charles Clark Peebles

"The love between two - no matter who or what they are - inspires me."

Photo by: Jennifer Thomas Wick

"My youngest son and I. This is one portrait in a small series I took of my boys and me. When I started studying with you my first was about this age and now a short two years later, they still inspire me, I just have the knowledge to carry out my visions thanks to NYIP!

Photo by: Hanna Grace

"Landscapes, the ocean, and hiking. After hiking for almost an hour on such a challenging trail along the cliff side, I knew what was going to be at the end, even though I had never been there before. The natural aqua colored pools of St. Barths. It was just so incredibly beautiful to see and photograph."

Photo by: Chris Garner

"Turning disabilities into abilities."

Photo by: Katie Curl @katieMcurl

"I always have different inspiration for my photos but it's all about capturing emotion."

Photo by:  aims @axsthete

"I was driving a winding country highway and pulled over a couple of times to take a picture of this rainbow. I was almost to my destination when I saw this. Pulled over on a very narrow shoulder and walked back about 100 yards and got this shot. I danced and almost cried. The location is Cobb CA. I am always inspired by natural, fleeting beauty that is gone in a moment, and epic if you catch it in a photograph."

Photo by: Lynnette Guptill‎

"A beautiful British summer day spent walking in Hyde Park inspired this photo."

Photo by: Sue Marais

"Contemplative Thought's with Man's Best Friend!
My husband and Puggle Lola were my inspiration for this photo. I love this picture of the two of them. It is that special bond between man and his furry friend!!!"

Photo by: Carol Neher Ostroski

"The art of photography and its mysteries and stories behind the pictures."

Photo by: ☪MaryFrancesCramer☪ @FrancesCramer

"People, styling them, and applying makeup to them inspires me to take pictures and specially using natural light."

Photo by: Belinda Watts

"Our awesome world, the architecture, and us HUMANS...LIFE!!!!...Here’s looking at you!!"

Photo by: Wanderlust Artemis

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