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How to Finance Your Photography Education

By Michelle Ecker on September 01, 2019

How to Finance Your Photography Education

Do you ever feel like you get paid, and before you know it the money from that paycheck seems to disappear? From rent and bills to groceries and gas for your car, it all adds up every week. It can be easy to feel like you aren’t saving enough to treat yourself to bigger picture things you might have always wanted. 

If you have always been interested in going back to school to study photography- whether to become a professional photographer or just to further fine-tune your skills as a hobbyist- it might be tempting to tell yourself that this is an expense you can’t afford. However, if studying photography is something you are passionate about, by no means should you feel like this expense has to be out of reach for you and your family’s budget. 

Choose a Photography School That’s Affordable 

At the New York Institute of Photography, part of our mission has always been an effort to make photography education and creative career training more accessible to photographers from all backgrounds- and the largest part of that effort means making your education more affordable. 

Degree-granting programs often require aspiring photographers to take out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and subsequently leave them struggling with debt at the completion of their program. NYIP courses are meant to provide you with a comprehensive, practical and manageable photography education at a price anyone can work into a monthly budget with a little help. 

Find a Program With Flexibility 

Beyond offering courses at a more manageable price than that offered by colleges and universities, NYIP strives to make education affordable by offering a self-paced format in which students can login and study whenever they have time- meaning you won’t have to put your job on hold or cut back on hours in order to accommodate anyone else’s class schedule. 

You may already have a career- and although becoming a professional photographer is your endgame, you might not have the privilege of quitting your current job or working fewer hours on the road to achieving your goal- and we don’t think you should have to. We understand that you might be leveraging the money you make from your current day job in order to finance your education - in fact, this is the case for the vast majority of our students. So we put you in charge. Log in whenever you have spare time to study.Whether that means several nights a week or only on Sundays, you’re in charge of your education at NYIP. 

Find a Payment Plan that Works 

For some people, making one large payment all at once is an extremely daunting prospect. If you really want to take a photography course at NYIP but you don’t feel ready to pay for it all at once, we completely understand- and we have a solution for that!

If making smaller monthly payments is something that works better with your budget and makes you feel less overwhelmed financially, feel free to opt into our monthly payment plan for an easy, stress-free alternative. You can get started for as little as $49. That will gain you access to the online learning center and you can dive right into your first lesson, meet your mentor, chat with your classmates in the student portal, and get started with your first projects. From there, make a small payment of $59 each month as you make your way through the program at your pace. For nearly the same amount of money you’d spend on a gym membership or subscription service, you could be working your way toward the photography career you’ve always dreamed of.