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Tips for Macro Photography

By Chris Corradino on August 23, 2010


In this video shot on location at Eisenhower State Park in NY, I discuss how to use Live View to micro focus on tiny portions of a subject. Rather than blindly relying on autofocus, Live View takes the guesswork out, and lets you manually focus on the finest of details. For this kind of close-up work, a lens with a 1:1 ratio is essential. With it, you can fill the frame with very tiny subjects and achieve life-sized reproduction.

As you'll see, I opt for a longer macro lens of 100mm rather than the shorter 50-60mm range. I find the extra reach of the 100mm provides more working space and eliminates the need for me to be directly on top of my subject. This is particularly helpful when shooting butterflies or other creatures. Even with static subject like flowers, the longer focal length allows me to shoot tight even when the subject is several feet away.