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What's It Really Like to Study Photography Online?

By Michelle Ecker on September 24, 2019

What's It Really Like to Study Photography Online?

If you’re interested in learning something as hands-on as photography, it can be hard to imagine how the New York Institute of Photography can instruct you in such an interactive subject online. How will you get in touch with your mentor if you run into trouble or have questions? How will he or she grade your photo projects? 

If you’re wondering how our courses are structured, check out this helpful guide.

Who Studies at NYIP?

Although photography is a hands-on art, we understand that modern learners are busy, and you might not necessarily have time to physically travel to a classroom or meet up with an instructor every time you want to work on your craft. 

Some of our students are working full time already as teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc., but are interested in pursuing a creative career on the side. 

Other NYIP students recently graduated high school and don’t want to waste time and money going to a four-year university because they already know that becoming a professional photographer is what they really want to do in life- and all they’re looking for is a straightforward program that can get them there. 

Many NYIP students are parents who dream of opening their own independent photography businesses as a way to channel their creative passions while simultaneously earning some extra income to support their families. 

Plenty of others are retired and looking for an interesting new hobby to spend time on. 

No matter what walks of life our students come from, they all have one thing in common- they are looking for a photography class that they can take at their own pace- something with flexibility, no deadlines, and no due dates. 

At NYIP, you are never required to commute to a classroom or submit your projects by a certain date. We understand that you have plenty of other things going on in life, and we don’t want our courses to stand in your way. You deserve a course that allows you to pursue your photography education without having to put the rest of your life on hold in the meantime. So whether you’re a recent high school grad looking to enroll at NYIP, study full time and begin launching your own business by this time next year, or you’re newly retired looking for a photography course to login to on weekends, NYIP can work with you. 

How Do Online Photography Classes Work? 

The NYIP Online Learning Center is our modern, interactive course delivery platform. As soon as you enroll (whether it’s over the phone or through our user-friendly online enrollment form), you will receive an email from the school with login information and a link to access your online photography course. 

Once you’ve logged in, you will see your course dashboard and you can get started as soon as you’re ready. 

Everything you need in order to complete your course is easy for any of our learners to dive into and follow along. As you work your way through your lessons, you will find all different learning styles- video, audio, and text - that you can work on and review at your own pace. At the end of each unit, when you’re finished reading, watching, and listening to all your photography lessons, you will have to complete a project to demonstrate the concepts you just learned. You will submit that project online, right in the Online Learning Center, by uploading your photos- and those photos will then be evaluated and graded by your photography mentors.

How Can I Contact My Photography Mentors? 

When your photography mentors are finished grading your projects, they will be sending you audio feedback (often with written notes attached)  that you can listen to as you analyze your photos. They will talk about things that you could have done better on, areas where your work is very strong, and suggestions on how you could improve moving forward. If you seem to have missed the mark on a certain concept, he or she will explain what went wrong and ask you to give that specific project another try. 

If at any point during your course you run into any questions, your mentors are available by phone and email Monday - Friday from 10 a.m to 6 p.m EST. Whether you’re feeling intimidated by your latest project and not sure where to begin, or you’d like to follow up on the feedback they recently gave you, you are always welcome to reach out with any questions and concerns. 

It’s important to keep in mind how valuable these mentorship connections can be as resources, especially for those looking to launch their own business. All of NYIP’s photography mentors are working professionals who have gone through the process of launching a business themselves- and are now successful, NYC-based photographers. If you want advice, aren’t sure how to put together your first contract, or even if you’re shopping for photography gear and can’t decide which items to invest in, never hesitate to lean on your NYIP mentors for expert advice and support. That’s what they’re there for. 

At NYIP, you can get the flexible photography education you deserve, one that allows you to hone your craft or develop new skills on YOUR schedule. Still not sure how an online photography course can work for you? Call in to speak with one of our experts at 1 800-583-1736  today.

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