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How to Photograph Flowers

By Michelle Ecker on January 17, 2019

How to Photograph Flowers

Flowers are fantastic subjects when it comes to photography. With such a wide variety of hues, shapes and species, they provide a great selection of unique compositional opportunities to nature and landscape photography enthusiasts. There are a few helpful techniques worth trying when you are experimenting with flower photography.

One idea is to try macro photography. Macro photography is a helpful way to capture a detailed, close-up shot that really does justice to the intricacies of plants and flowers. In some cases, macro lenses are so powerful in capturing tiny detail that they'll actually reveal microscopic elements that can't even be seen by the naked eye. If you want to produce a much more unique image of flowers or plants, extremely close-up shots are one great option. 

Macro photography gear used to be extremely expensive and out of budget for many hobbyists and aspiring professionals. However, things in the photography industry are changing and gear is becoming much more affordable for all. Consider browsing extension tubes if you're a beginner looking to try this niche out. 

 Another helpful tip when it comes to flower photography is to pay extra close attention to the perspective with which you approach your composition. While a high perspective allows the viewer to view things much more naturally (essentially the way the eye is used to seeing the world around us), altered perspective allows us to show people things differently. This is a great way to add more excitement to an otherwise mundane shot. Considering trying a low-angle perspective to show off wildflowers from much down low to earth. Or, without necessarily getting macro-level microscopic, simply get much closer to your subject before clicking the shutter.