Nature and Landscape

How To Photograph Vibrant Colors Without Overdoing It

By: Michelle Ecker on October 17 2020.

When it comes to super vibrant HDR photography, many photographers struggle between the balance of capturing a great deal of intense color in scenery and completely oversaturating and…
When to Use Natural Light

By: Michelle Ecker on June 27 2019.

When it comes to taking high quality photos, lighting conditions will always have a significant impact on your results. As a professional, arguably your greatest creative decision is…
Photograph Trees with These Tips

By: Michelle Ecker on May 20 2019.

Looking for a fun photo challenge? Let’s head outdoors and tackle some tree photography with a twist. When it comes to developing your skills as…
Take Better Springtime Photos

By: Michelle Ecker on May 3 2019.

Spring is a magical time of year for many reasons- abundant photography opportunities certainly being one of them. From floral photography to
Improve Your Blue Hour Photography

By: Michelle Ecker on May 3 2019.

If you’re a photography enthusiast, you have most likely heard the phrase “Blue Hour” before- but what does it actually mean? Also called Magic Hour or…
This Week's Photo Challenge- Birds

By: Michelle Ecker on April 18 2019.

If you want to continuously improve your skills as a photographer- whether a hobbyist or professional- one of the most important things you can do is simply make sure to…
Take Better Photos of Water

By: Michelle Ecker on April 5 2019.

Interested in improving your water photography? Water is a fantastic subject for photographers- it takes different shapes, moves at different speeds, and offers a ton of compositional challenges that can…
Take Better Pictures of the Moon

By: Michelle Ecker on March 1 2019.

Want to take better pictures of the moon? There are a few simple adjustments you should make in order to achieve the best results.  First off, always make sure to…
Avoid These Wildlife Photography Mistakes

By: Michelle Ecker on January 31 2019.

If you are a landscape photography enthusiast especially interested in wildlife, you're already well aware that this is a tricky, unpredictable niche. If you want to improve your…
How to Photograph Flowers

By: Michelle Ecker on January 17 2019.

Flowers are fantastic subjects when it comes to photography. With such a wide variety of hues, shapes and species, they provide a great selection of unique compositional opportunities to nature…