Nature and Landscape

Take Better Pictures of the Moon

By: Michelle Ecker on March 1 2019.

Want to take better pictures of the moon? There are a few simple adjustments you should make in order to achieve the best results.  First off, always make sure to…
Avoid These Wildlife Photography Mistakes

By: Michelle Ecker on January 31 2019.

If you are a landscape photography enthusiast especially interested in wildlife, you're already well aware that this is a tricky, unpredictable niche. If you want to improve…
How to Photograph Flowers

By: Michelle Ecker on January 17 2019.

Flowers are fantastic subjects when it comes to photography. With such a wide variety of hues, shapes and species, they provide a great selection of unique compositional opportunities to
Using Natural Light Outdoors

By: Michelle Ecker on July 4 2018.

If you’re taking advantage of this warm summertime weather to work on your landscape and nature photography outdoors, we recommend you practice using just natural light as a fun, challenging…
Instantly Improve Your Wildlife Photography

By: Michelle Ecker on July 3 2018.

Summertime weather offers photographers an annual opportunity to head outdoors and practice nature and landscape photography. Whether you head to the beach, a hiking trail, or even a local park,…
How to Make Water Look Silky

By: Michelle Ecker on June 21 2018.

Have you ever seen a professional nature and landscape photography shot where the water in the composition appeared silky smooth? This is a common technique for expert landscape photographers,…
When to Use Priority Modes

By: Michelle Ecker on May 18 2018.

If you’ve never heard of shutter or aperture priority mode or you’re not sure the best time to use them, it’s something we highly recommend you explore. Not only is…
How to Instantly Improve Sunset Photos

By: Michelle Ecker on April 17 2018.

Sunrises and sunsets are two of the most popular nature and landscape subjects out there, and for good reason. The compelling colors combined with ideal golden hour light make for…
Working With Strong, Direct Light

By: Michelle Ecker on April 5 2018.

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re probably going to find yourself bringing your camera outdoors more often to capture some seasonal nature and landscape photos. While some experts…
Tips for Perfect Color Contrast

By: Michelle Ecker on July 24 2017.

Are your shots looking a little mundane lately? If you want to add an extra eye-catching element, consider finding a way to highlight stark color contrast. Including bold, conspicuous color…