Nature and Landscape

How to Take Great Photos of Sunsets

By: NYIP Staff on July 18 2011.

"Ah, Krakatoa, now those were sunsets! If only we had color film back then!" -Quote from the old, old, old photographer. With Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano filling the skies of…
Dramatic Landscape Photography Tips

By: Chris Corradino on May 14 2011.

NYIP Graduate and Student Advisor Chris Corradino has an active business photographing sports and news stories in the metropolitan New York area. Like many photographers, he also is very…
The Art of Wildlife Photography

By: Chris Corradino on October 15 2010.

Like the fabled tales recounted by seasoned fishermen, photographers also have stories about the "one that got away." Peering deep into the horizon they sigh while uttering, "if only I…
Photographing Puffins in the Wild

By: Chris Corradino on August 15 2010.

You never know where NYIP Student Advisor Chris Corradino will head on his vacation. This July, he set his sites on Machias Seal Island, a speck of land in…
How to Photograph Landscapes

By: NYIP Staff on July 6 2010.

Editor's note:This article is the first of two. Readers should bear in mind that there is no simple formula for…
Photographing the BP Oil Spill

By: NYIP Staff on June 2 2010.

Jim Edds is a 1996 graduate of the New York Institute of Photography; his great success as a photographer comes not only from his skill and hard work, but…
Lunar Eclipse Photos

By: NYIP Staff on May 2 2010.

Weather permitting, a total eclipse of the Moon will be visible in most of North America on December 20 and 21.…
Photographing Spring

By: Chris Corradino on March 15 2010.

There are photographs that are subtle and those that are not. The picture we've chosen to represent…
Shooting a Solar Eclipse

By: Don Sheff on July 16 2009.

Editor's Note: At we're glad to have readers from all around the world. Some of you will be lucky enough to be in the path of a
How to Take Great Zoo Photos

By: NYIP Staff on May 20 2009.

When we look at great photographs of animals we imagine the romantic life of the professional photographer…