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21 Habits of Successful Photographers - #7: Handle Adversity

By NYIP Staff on January 15, 2015


21 Habits of Successful Photographers is weekly video series developed by NYIP. Check out last week’s Habit, and stay tuned for more by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

NYIP Mentor and Industry Veteran Patrick Donahue, has studied the professional habits of the world’s most successful photographers.

The successful photographers that Patrick studied shared an above average ability to overcome obstacles. When adversity hits, they are able to push through and continue on the path toward achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Whether it is in their personal lives or their professional ones, they rebound from adversity a little bit quicker than the rest of us. And that helps them keep moving forward.

If you want to be a successful photographer, teach yourself to push a little harder when things are toughest.

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