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How to Take Better Panoramas

By Michelle Ecker on June 19, 2018

How to Take Better Panoramas

One of the best techniques to try when it comes to capturing sweeping landscape photography shots is the panoramic perspective. Panoramic photography offers you the great ability to capture a larger amount of an impressive scene, making it much easier to display the magnitude of a landscape through your composition.

Getting started, here are a few simple tricks worth trying if you want to improve your panoramic photos:

How to Take Panoramic Photos
  1. Use a Tripod
  2. This is one of the most obvious things you should do differently when attempting to capture a perfect panoramic. Since panoramic images are composed of a series of images caught in a sequence then combined into one larger perspective, it’s imperative that you eliminate any, even slight movements from your routine. Even the smallest shake or movement could ruin Lightroom’s process when stitching your photos together.

  3. Try a Panoramic Tripod Head
  4. This is less crucial compared to a tripod, but if you can afford to buy or borrow some supplementary gear, it’s a great piece to have for panoramic work.

    A tripod head is able to rotate on the center axis of your camera as you capture your series of images. They also feature 0-360 degree markers you can use to ensure your movements are completed in full and with perfect accuracy.

  5. Use the Right Lens
  6. Many people assume a wide-angle lens is the best pick for this type of work, but you might have better luck working with a longer focal length. These will make for more realistic-looking images, compared to the look and feel of wide angle shots that seem to push photo elements backwards in a perspective distortion. Try to opt for something 35-85mm instead for better results.