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Photo Fact Friday: Lighting For Ad Photography

By Michelle Ecker on August 28, 2015


It’s Photo Fact Friday at NYIP! Every Friday afternoon, tune in right here on our photography blog for a new piece of advice from NYIP’s photography mentors, a team of successful photographers that works with our students to help them grow.

Photo Fact Friday: Lighting For Ad Photography

Here is today’s tip:

“If you want to take photos for fashion or product marketing purposes, it can be extremely helpful to get creative with your lighting choices.

For a super-hard lighting effect, some strobe units can be more narrowly focused to serve as your spotlights. You should also use a fill to soften those shadows (unless you want them to be very dark). For that, you can use a reflector floodlight, or an even more diffused source, such as light bounced into an umbrella. Don’t be afraid to get creative!”

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