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Take Better Close-Ups

By Michelle Ecker on March 15, 2019

Take Better Close-Ups

Want to improve your close-up photography technique? There are a few really simple adjustments you can add to your compositional routine in order to achieve better, clearer results. Let's get started: 

First of all, let's consider the gear you are working with. You don't necessarily need to invest tons of money in an incredibly high tech camera or lens setup in order to produce professional-looking results. Generally speaking, any model of modern DSLR or mirrorless camera will suit you just fine for close up work.

A good lens can come in handy here, however. Luckily, you can find a sufficient lens without spending a ton of money. Look for something that will give you magnification capabilities of at least 0.20. If you can get your hands on a macro lens, great. If not, you can certainly proceed with whatever you have at your disposal (or whatever is within your budget) and produce a great shot regardless. 

Getting started, you might want to try working outdoors, during the day. Unless you have some supplementary lighting setup or a studio, the stronger light provided outdoors will help you capture much brighter, more colorful looking images without as much difficulty as you may find indoors. So if you're able to physically bring your desired macro subject outside, do so. 

Finally, play with your manual exposure while composing the image. This will give you the capability to truly focus on and portray the little details you're looking to capture.