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Through the lens live panel

By Michelle Ecker on September 03, 2015


Every Wednesday throughout the summer, our friends at Adorama invited a uniquely successful artist to their NYC headquarters to chat about the industry. From the creative director of Dos Equis's ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ campaign to the Senior Lead Analyst of Rockstar games, we’ve had a blast listening to these artists share their experiences within the world of photography.

Tomorrow afternoon, these photographers are returning for an extremely special grand finale event at Adorama’s NYC store. We’re super excited to share that we’ll be attending this special Through the Lens AMA Live Panel as representatives of our NYIP students.

If you want us to ask one of the panelists a question on your behalf, please tweet it at us using hashtag #NYIPAdorama, then watch online to see if your question was announced!

Through the Lens AMA

Here’s a little more background on the artists we’ll be speaking with:

  1. Giovanni Elao discovered his love of photography in the winter of 2013. Quickly pursuing this vision, he soon became a Street Dreams Magazine featured artist, and is now an integral part of their Visual Marketing Team.
  2. Jose Tutiven offers visual insight of life and culture in the Big Apple via rich, dark colors and emphasis on the complexity of movement.
  3. Antonio is an 18-year-old adrenaline-junkie with a passion for the urban streets of the East Coast. Through the Lens AMA
  4. NJ-based photographer Neil Britto shoots portraits, fashion features, weddings and events.
  5. Natalie Amrossi left a full-time career in the financial industry to pursue her passion for photography. She’s since been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue and, and has partnered with brands like Jaguar, AT&T, Nike, HP, and Beats by Dre.
  6. Pierre is an NYC-based photographer, filmmaker and content creator whose innovative style blends the unique juxtaposition of characteristic city grit and couture fashion elegance.
  7. Jason Peterson is a the Chief Creative Officer at Havas Worldwide, the full service branding agency responsible for creating the Dos Equis’s ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ campaign. Through the Lens AMA
  8. The New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum and The Intrepid have called on Dave Krugman to help them find their voices on Instagram.
  9. New York-based fashion photographer and full time mom Whitney Hayes uses a unique style of edgy-clean aesthetic, with an Instagram following quickly approaching 100k.
  10. Brian Alcazar is a Senior Lead Analyst at Rockstar Games and an NYC based street photographer. Through the Lens AMA
  11. Tim McGurr is a New York native and son of legendary street artist Futura. He is one of the most popular users on Instagram today.
  12. Street Dreams Magazine is a quarterly photography publication & full-service content creation studio, focused on building community through showcasing the talents of photographers worldwide.

Got a question for one of these panelists? Make sure to tweet it at us using hashtag #NYIPAdorama, or share it on our Facebook timeline.

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