Student Success: Student Profile Henry Despres

By Sarah Van Arsdale on September 16 2011

Henry Despres

Student Name: Henry Despres
City: Bay Shore, New York

Why NYI?

"I was able to learn at my own pace and did not have to travel to a school and back at any set time. This was a big advantage. Also the price was great."

Why Photography?

"I always loved it starting with my first $13 Kodak 110 camera. My first picture was of my car, a 69 Buick Wildcat, taken at the mall. It came out great. Photography lets me express myself as to who I am and what I like. I cannot paint so I paint with light. It will be my legacy as bridal albums get passed down and my published work endures. "

Wedding Picture

How was the course?

"The NYI Course was excellent. I loved the reading materials, the assignments and instruction tapes. I always looked forward to getting my critique, and I still refer to the reading materials for reference once in awhile. My diplomas are framed and hanging in my house."

First Photography Job?

"My boss at a warehouse job knew I was taking a photography course, so to save money he let me do the company brochure. I did film, both black and white and color, and slides. He gave me a bonus and my first job got published as a brochure."

Photographer Magazine

"Since 1993 I have been doing professional photography part time for 11 years and full time for the past two. This is practically in every field but mostly wedding and event photography. I have done 258 paid jobs as of this writing.

I have been published in magazines, newspapers and brochures many times, including a cover photo on Today's Photographer Magazine."

Awards or Prizes?

"I won the Local Bay Shore Photography contest four times, and was chosen as IFPO master photographer with a lifetime achievement award. I received an outstanding review of my hometown brochure from Studio Photography and Design magazine. I'm a member of PPA."

Model on Bike

What's Next?

"I would love to do a celebrity wedding and someday maybe retire (in about 20 years) doing cruise ship photography."

What's your favorite photo?

City Scape at Night

"Wow -- after nearly 100,000 photos that is a hard question. One portrait photo earned me $500, so that shot is a leading candidate. I photograph models, so one of those shots certainly could lead the list, especially my first ever magazine cover with a model. I think, however, one of the shots I took of the Triborough Bridge at night with the Manhattan skyline is my favorite. I love water, bridges, night shots but most of all I grew up near that park!"

What do you like best about working in photography?

"I get to be my own boss. I love every part of the process from planning the shots, taking them and, now that I've been working in digital for four years, perfecting them digitally."

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