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The New York Institute of Photography is the world's top online photography school. We strive to serve photographers all over the world and we frequently produce free photography tips and photo tutorials. Below are our most recent photography articles and NYIP student success stories. Click browse more at the bottom to view more photography tips and articles.

Getting Better at Bounce Flash

By Michelle Ecker on August 24th, 2016

Bouncing your flash source is an incredible technique to take advantage of when you want to capture a photo of your subject’s face with soft highlights and open shadows. To…

Conquering Color Balance

By Michelle Ecker on August 22nd, 2016

When working in Photoshop, if you notice that your image has a slight color cast to it (or if you realize you were using the wrong white balance at the…

Camera Feature Poll

By Michelle Ecker on August 18th, 2016

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Student Success Stories

Student Success: Brian Henriksen

By Michelle Ecker on July 28th, 2016

In 2011, Brian Henriksen enrolled in NYIP while deployed to Afghanistan. He had always been passionate about art and photography as a child, and realized then that it was what he wanted to pursue after his military retirement. Approaching the…

Student Success: Jason Brewer

By Michelle Ecker on July 7th, 2016

As a child, Jason Brewer was fascinated by his parents’ point and shoot film cameras. After years of using said tools to capture various snapshots of daily life, he finally decided to enroll at NYIP and develop his photographic passion…

Student Success: Jordan Belville

By Michelle Ecker on July 6th, 2016

When Jordan Belville was 8 years old, he used to jokingly tell his cousin that he would be taking pictures for National Geographic someday. For a while, he thought this photographic dream might be out of his financial reach- but…

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