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21 Habits of Successful Photographers - #16: Bank on Success

By NYIP Staff on April 16, 2015


21 Habits of Successful Photographers is weekly video series developed by NYIP. Check out last week's Habit, and stay tuned for more by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

NYIP Mentor and Industry Veteran Patrick Donahue, has studied the professional habits of the world's most successful photographers.

One of the things very successful photographers have in common is that they were properly funded in one way or another, which means they could actually grow, and learn, and do all the things they needed to do, including putting massive amounts of time and energy into refining their craft.

So how do you fund your passion? The answer is different for all of us. The best photographers have tended to be modest in their approach and made excellent use of the tools available to them. They took financial risks when it seemed appropriate to do so. They rented, they borrowed, they beta-tested whenever possible. Do the best you can. But remember, your primary goal is to stand out from the crowd and that's more state of mind than a state of your finances.

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