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21 Habits of Successful Photographers - #8: Be Optimistic

By NYIP Staff on January 29, 2015


21 Habits of Successful Photographers is weekly video series developed by NYIP. Check out last week’s Habit, and stay tuned for more by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

NYIP Mentor and Industry Veteran Patrick Donahue, has studied the professional habits of the world’s most successful photographers.

The most successful photographers in the world are naturally optimistic. They have an uncanny ability to always see the glass as half full. When asked about the best work they have ever done, they’ll tell you it’s yet to come.

This characteristic is closely linked to their ability to overcome adversity when it strikes. When you feel like the best is yet to come, it’s easier to get over the obstacles that get in your way. A strong sense of optimism is key to being a successful photographer.

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