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Most quotable moments of #TTLMA

By Michelle Ecker on September 04, 2015


For those who couldn’t tune in to Adorama’s Through the Lens Live Panel this afternoon, here’s a quick round-up of the day’s most quotable moments! For the event’s full live-tweet account, check out our Twitter feed.

TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments
  1. @insighting- “One day on my way home, I saw some guy taking a picture of a puddle on the ground. I thought it was weird at first, but then I noticed the really pretty reflection of the Soho neighborhood that he was capturing in the shot. I think that’s when I first decided to pursue photography.” TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments
  2. @tutes- “Hustle. Network. Socialize. Meet people.” TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments
  3. @misshattan – “If you’re ever going to take a bet on somebody, that somebody should be yourself.” TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments
  4. @visualsbypierre – “At one point in my career, I wasn’t sure if I should stay at my job or just fully pursue photography. And I was extremely blessed, because my boss made the decision for me…when I got fired… for skipping work to go to a gig.” TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments
  5. @itsneilb – “Once you put out work that speaks for itself, the clients come to you.” TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments
  6. @dave.krugman – “Maintaining a popular Instagram page is like being the creative director of your own subscription magazine.” TTLAMA’s Most Quotable Moments

If you want to watch the full live-stream from today’s panel, you can check it out on YouTube.

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