Photography Tutorials

Take Better Close-Ups

By: Michelle Ecker on March 15 2019.

Want to improve your close-up photography technique? There are a few really simple adjustments you can add to your compositional routine in order to achieve better, clearer results. Let's get…
An Intro to HDR

By: Michelle Ecker on September 6 2018.

There is a common misconception among the photography community that HDR photography is in poor taste. Many people wrongly associate HDR with oversaturated and unrealistic, sloppy-looking images.
3 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Photography

By: Michelle Ecker on August 31 2018.

Do your photos often come out blurry and you aren’t quite sure why? This is probably one of the most common complaints we receive from amateur photographers looking to improve…
How to Work Around Low Lighting

By: Michelle Ecker on July 31 2018.

There are many benefits of working in low-lit conditions. For one, low lit images are extremely indicative of the mood. Let’s say you’re working on your food photography and you’d…
How to Take Better Panoramas

By: Michelle Ecker on June 19 2018.

One of the best techniques to try when it comes to capturing sweeping landscape photography shots is the panoramic perspective. Panoramic photography offers you the great ability to capture a…
4 Things Photographers Should Know About Light

By: Michelle Ecker on March 14 2018.

When it comes to creating a perfect outdoor composition, developing a better understanding of light is one of the best things a photographer can do to prepare. When you understand…
Photographing Water Diamonds

By: Hema Narayanan on March 8 2018.

Photo by Hema Narayanan ‘Water Diamond’ is a phrase that stuck with me ever since I read about the paradox of value- and this was long before I…
3 Tips for Long Exposure Photography

By: Michelle Ecker on February 16 2018.

If you’re a landscape photography enthusiast, mastering the art of a well-executed long exposure shot is definitely something we recommend adding to your skillset. There’s something very characteristically serene and…
How to Photograph Stars

By: Michelle Ecker on February 15 2018.

If you’re an outdoor photographer, it’s no secret that the perfect nighttime image is an especially compelling pursuit, albeit a tricky one to execute. However, even if you are a…
What is Chromatic Aberration?

By: Michelle Ecker on February 13 2018.

Have you ever taken a photo where say, for example, your entire background was made up of lush green grass- but for some reason, you notice that green grass streaked…