Professional Photography Course

Lesson 3.3 Flash and Strobe Photography Tips

Lesson 3.3 Flash and Strobe Photography Tips Lesson 3.3 Flash and Strobe Photography Tips

In Lesson 3.3, discover the benefits of electronic flash in photography. Explore the various flash units on the market, how each one works and the best times to use them. Follow along as NYIP mentor George Delgado gives you a comprehensive overview of electronic flash and strobe lighting photography tips. Learn the advantages of portable electronic flash units versus the pop-up flash built into your device.

What You’ll Learn in the Flash and Strobe Photography Lesson

  • Learn how a hot shoe works
  • Master flash techniques for macro and close up photography
  • Practice bounce flash photography techniques
  • Practice using guide numbers
  • Explore outdoor flash photography techniques
  • Work in program and aperture priority mode

Indoor and Outdoor Flash Photography Techniques

Start making your own creative decisions about whether or not to add flash depending on your environment. Explore concepts of color temperature and white balance as you discover how flash effects both, whether indoors or outdoors. Learn bounce and umbrella flash techniques as you browse images and see the looks you can create with each. End this lesson with a video as travel photographer Peter Guttman explains the flash and burn technique, sharing examples from his own portfolio.