Professional Photography Course

Unit 6: How to Build & Grow a Successful Photography Business

In Unit 6 you will learn what it takes to start a photography business. You will begin with an exploration of the freelance path, learning a range of options- whether it’s working as a stringer or selling your photos on stock websites. From there you will move on to portfolio-building- from how to select images and shape your portfolio to how you can identify your target audience of potential clients.

In Lesson 3, you will learn what it takes to transition from an amateur or hobbyist to a serious, legitimate professional. In our marketing and branding lesson, you will learn to analyze local markets as you determine your most logical options for money making in the local industry. At the end of this unit, you will start developing a pricing model that you will be able to use when charging clients moving forward.

Unit 6 Objectives

In Unit 6, your final Learning Sequences will focus on Professional Pathways:
  • Learn how to develop your portfolio.
  • Explore the business of photography.
  • Discover an introduction to marketing and branding.
  • Read a comprehensive guide on how to work with clients.
  • Take the final step into the world of being a professional photographer.

You've honed your photographic skills. You've gone through five Units of the Course and are now at the final learning sequences. You have learned enough about photography to pursue any avenue you like as a hobbyist or professional. These last lessons will review many aspects of a career in photography. Even if you are unsure at this point if a career in photography is something you wish to achieve, this Unit will help you understand the elements involved and the details of the potential commitment.

Unit 6 Outline

Unit 6 Project Assignments

Advertising Campaign Advertising Campaign

Submit one photo recreated from an ad campaign. This advertisement can be still-life, lifestyle advertising, or fashion. Upload a scan or photo of the original advertisement with your photograph.

Architectural Photography Architectural Photography

Submit one photo showing the exterior of a lit-up house, building, or city skyline at night using the techniques you learned earlier in your exposure studies and architectural photography lesson.

Professional Pathway Professional Pathway

Submit one professional-quality photo worthy of including in your portfolio and specific to the genre which you have chosen. The photograph must be technically perfect, conceptually interesting, and compositionally sound.