Professional Photography Course

Lesson 6.2 Create and Develop Your Photography Portfolio

In Lesson 6.2, learn the importance of a portfolio- the quintessential item a photographer needs to showcase their work. Discuss in detail how to create, develop and maintain a photography portfolio, from how to select images and shape your portfolio, and how to then identify your target audience of potential clients. Watch an NYIP Photo Snack- a brief, info-packed segment on how you can leverage creative personal projects into portfolio-building opportunities.

What You'll Learn in the Photography Portfolio Lesson

  • Learn how to make a photography portfolio
  • Discover how to make a photography portfolio website
  • Practice methods for determining which photos to include or leave out
  • Explore professional advice on how to present a photography portfolio to clients
  • Discuss the concept of portfolio pacing
  • Learn how to write an artist’s statement for your photography portfolio
  • Discuss portfolio reviews and when it’s appropriate to include them with your work
  • Browse methods for how to categorize photography portfolio

What Makes a Good Photography Portfolio

Wrap up this crucial business lesson with a video as NYIP photography expert Franco Vogt discusses what makes a good photography portfolio, and gain ideas for personal projects that can help you grow a beginner’s portfolio of your own. From there, watch NYIP graduate turned professional photographer Paul Kline as he discusses the basics of good portfolio development, then wrap up the lesson with a self-check quiz.