Professional Photography Course

Lesson 6.4 Intro to Marketing and Branding Your Photography Business

In Lesson 6.4, learn why self-promotion is one of the keys to success as a professional photographer. Begin by learning how to identify particular markets, learning what that market needs, developing your branding and then producing images that fill those needs successfully. Learn the 4 P’s of marketing and how to apply them to your own growing photography business. Browse a beginner’s marketing terminology library as you develop the tools needed to tackle the business aspect of your career.

What You'll Learn in the Marketing and Branding Your Photography Business Lesson

  • Learn professional methods for branding your photography business
  • Browse wedding photography marketing tips
  • Discover the most effective Facebook marketing tips for photographers
  • Master the most practical methods for marketing your photography business

Marketing Tips for Photographers

From developing a tagline to creating your first website, this lesson is your step-by-step guide to marketing tips that will help you the business aspects of launchinglaunch a photography business you can make money off of. Complete an interactive Q+A exercise to help generate the perfect tagline of your own. Dive into a case study with professional photographer Nat Clymer as he unpacks the focal point of his successful marketing strategy. Finally, wrap up this section with a simple self-check quiz.